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Ookay, big photo dump ahead, basically throwing photos of majority what i consider worth to post from last year when i had little time to do posts here. The new forum also makes it easier to make posts so i’m hoping to make more regular and smaller posts from now on instead of posts like this with walls of photos and text. The forum mainly runs with tcg posts but hopefully some of you will find the items i’m posting entertaining, but also as i’ve mentioned this gives me a nice timeline to see how my collection has changed.

To get it started, the slime plushes i have in my collection. Only the ditto muk ones have tags and i’ve been going on and off with the idea of getting others too with tag but atm feeling it wouldn’t give me much difference in what i have

This is also a fun one in my opinion, the first official shirt i’ve found with muk presented! I have little use for it since the concept of a jersey was a bit odd if i’m being honest but still thrilled to get this fun item and the variety it brings in my collection :smiley: below i’ll add a custom made shirt i got from my wife as a present (after asking for it, lol)

Also got these nice unopened canbadges and charms for display purposes, i’m not a biggest fan of merch like this when loose but as unopened items they look really great, can’t wait to set up my display to get them out of my closet! Ofc i sincerely love the badge made my Tomokazu Komiya, couldn’t be happier that he has illustrated both my slime boys in official merch! Still also looking for unopened charms where alolan grimer and muk are also included, surprised how difficult finding that has turned out to be

Then some figures, have been noticing some different colour variants of some items i didn’t know have them like these stamps with differently coloured base. Also, didn’t at beginning collect the rubberish Keshi figures on back of first photo but as usual, i’ve now completely fallen in love with different variants of them. In second and third photo also super fun pieces of merch, papercraft grimer and muk! Separating them from the book was nerve cracking but love how ridiculous they look when assembled!

Then something quite rare, unopened packs with slime presented. The pog pack has a tiny grimer in it which is afaik only second time grimer has been on pack art after Japanese fossil pack. On the menko pack muk really isn’t presented in the pack but since you can see through the packing and muk is the first card of the pack (and it looking so damn good) i’m definitely counting it!

Continuing with some Japanese vintage merch, first this OG v-union card from bandai! Already had the piece with grimer in it but pandalanda from ig sent me the rest of the set and absolutely loving them!

Then some more Japanese vintage, in first photos a calendar from 1998 which i bought for the unique muk art by Himeno but when i received it it had to my surprise also an unique grimer art by Arita, you can only imagine my excitement when finding out!

And more japanese vintage, adding a bunch. I was thrilled to get an excuse to buy the bandai jumbo card in first photo since it had a grimer sticker on back (or actually front but it feels natural to consider the big art front) of it, absolutely love the Sugimori art on it and can imagine i’m not the only one. Also bought a second one of them since you can peel the stickers off to show the evolved forms of the pokemon presented but unfortunately seller hid the condition of it very well and it’s in horrible condition. After that some sticker sheets, especially fun to find one still sealed, and a notebook which is again another item that i’m very excited since it brings another completely different historical pokemon merch piece to my collection!

Now moving on to more merch but also more modern and from other places than Japan. First some playing cards (from Lunala deck, still in search of that muk from Solgaleo deck), monopoly cards i deeply adore and some bits and pieces from all over the world, and also mostly stuff that i got from other collectors on various platforms which always adds masses of sentimental value to them.

Then more items with sentimental value. I just have to add this one i received from @azulryu when we agreed to change sigs. This golden person cut the only manga piece with grimer he had and sent it to me alongside with the other items, he really is the fellow collector we need but don’t deserve. He’s also the one showing me a listing of those papercraft grimer and muk and letting me get it even though he sure was interested in it too. Also in second and third photo some art of grimer and muk my friends have made me, the first one also without me knowing about it, couldn’t appreciate more what kind of people i have around me.

And lastly, even though i said it’s non tcg i’m bringing in, some tcg too in form of error cards and both of them being very cool ones! The first one is a square cut muk and while it has seen some better days it’s still a gorgeous piece to add in slime army (it’s also in toploader since it was quite badly curved when i received it). Second one is super miscut alolan grimer with allingment dot and also a tiny piece of upper card visible in the top of the border. What i find funny about obtaining the card was that i at first sent it in my middleman service in US and the process presented quite well that error cards are mainly a pokemon collector thing. The site mainly focuses on sports cards and when i received the card it had a negative condition note of “bad crop” which tells something about the appreciation of error cards in sports cards community.

And that’s it! Again, i don’t expect a lot of people still reading this post after all my rambling but those who do, i like you. (I promise i’m trying to make these posts shorter in future)


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@joponnes Your most recent post made me aware of AT LEAST four new Oddish things that I need to collect. Just when I think I have very few non-TCG items left I discover more :slight_smile: Even though it wasn’t intentional, thanks!

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Not sure if i should say you’re welcome or i’m sorry :joy: kinda curious to hear what the items were tho!

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I had never seen the canbadge, the big canbadge, that “GREEN BATOMEN” pack, or the awesome 1998 calendar! :smiley:

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I loved this post. So many cool non-tcg stuff. Really love your dedication towards the slime. Thanks for sharing.



Jopo… holy crap man. This is tremendous! I love every single item. The muk plush is so good I feel like I need it. The stinky hugs shirt and your anecdote had me dying! hahaha my man.

The Komiya badge is so cool man. Things like that, y’know, such a pleasure to see. You don’t know they exist, you love seeing something unique in others’ collections. It’s great.

What fine goodies, the vintage stuff. The carddass, got some slows I see…

And the best. I agree man, Devin is the best. A great man. We are fellow azul sig holders. He gave me a shining karp, I gave him Brendan’s Slowbro. God do I love those drawings. In a sense, the best is teh muk. It is indeed a fine painting. It belongs in a museum. It is conceptual and beautifully grotesque, and dreamlike. I will say the right grimer is my favorite despite that. You have good friends Jopo. This addition made me smile deeply. And holy f***, a square blob. It doesn’t get more paradoxical than that! Keep it up dude. Loved it.

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I’m glad you liked my collection additions, and also i love the fact that you are slowly filling my thread with fitting gifs! I agree that i’m surrounded with great people and i’m glad i can add people here to that list, again thanks for the kind words!

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Just few items this time but at least the first ones were really big arrivals for me!

The slide-up muk i felt like had vanished from the earth, i did have few pauses with looking for it but still i was surprised that i couldn’t find a single one during all the searches i did. Finally @thedude1990 reached out to me and sold me two copies (one for binder and one to pop open) so once again community around the hobby jumped in and saved the day :slight_smile: Paired it with a grimer i already have, really excited to get those in my display since for me they are the perfect display items.

Meiji coin holder grimer was also super lucky find. I think they are some of the coolest looking japanese vintage items, and what they do really well is make a way to display those otherwise so difficult to show coins :smiley: i already got worried when i saw a grimer go for over 100€ on ebay but i luckily found one later with few coins on yahoo auctions with no competition. I also lucked out and found a corresponding muk too but that’s in my US mailbox so i have to wait a good while to get that in my hands.

Then some fun ones :smiley: i’ve been a bit into legos too lately with my wife collecting them and my kid loving to play with duplos. So naturally it came to my mind to combine my too interests. I actually made a commission for kanto grimer and muk and after i made some changes to their looks i really like how they look. For alolan grimer and muk i found models on youtube, for those too i had to make some changes of my own but really pleased how they too ended up looking. Still considering if i should make a commission for shiny grimer and muk from another lego artist at some point but for now this will do for slime lego collection.


The grimer eyes :eye::lips::eye:

I love it

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He has seen things :eyes: