Jigglypuff Shirt? -- Also, General Super Smash Bros Thread

So I’ve been a fan of the Super Smash Bros game ever since it came out on the N64. To give some basic personal history, Jigglypuff has been the one character I’ve played consistently through every iteration. Though she hasn’t been my best character in every game (in N64 it was Ness, Captain Falcon, THEN Jigglypuff, in Melee it was Shiek THEN Jigglypuff, then in Brawl it was BOTH Kirby and Jigglypuff, and now in Wii U, it’s Jigglypuff). Though I’ve used other characters, Jigglypuff would be the only one I played in local competitions, earning my gamer name, “NPuff” or “NinjaPuff” after a local competitor joked that that should be my name. Just because she always seemed like an underdog character. I’m proud to say that in one local college competition for Singles with over 300+ people, I made it to the finals as one of the last 8 people to fight during Brawl (and the only Jigglypuff player in that entire competition). Sadly, though. I haven’t owned a console since Gamecube so I only get to practice when at friends’ places.

So yeah, I love the game and Jigglypuff is my favorite character to use.

But recently I just joined a new group of friends who have local competitions filled with about 10 people every two weeks. This last weekend I made it to 2nd! But now there’s talk about doing team competitions too, and I’m paired with my friend Mike who plays Yoshi. Our Team name is “Eggroll”. But we wanted to get shirts.

So I love a lot of Jigglypuff shirts and I’m definitely getting the one on redbubble that says “Does This Look Like the Face of Mercy” on it, but I wanted a simpler shirt that simply says “Jigglypuff” on the top and has an image of just Jigglypuff below. Haven’t found anything but was wondering if you guys could help?

Also, share your general SSB memories, feats, favorite characters, etc.!

Always played pikachu myself however if i was to play these days i reckon id go with sonic.

awww another Ness player!! he used to be my main and captain falcon was one of my tops as well! I miss the n64 version. I’ve started building up amiibo’s for the new super smash. So much fun.

I love Smash. I’ll put my username on here later so we can battle!

I always used Captain Falcon and Pikachu

Zero Suit Samus and Zelda are the best haha

You need a pic of Jigglypuff angry, with the marker. Like the one below.



Eggroll is a fantastic name for a team!

After graduation, I sat down with my roommates to play smash 4 where the winner would get the champion belt that came with the game. It was quite the memory.