I really wanted a Princess Peach Amiibo for Christmas and my boyfriend dutifully obliged, also getting me Zelda and Kirby because he’s great. However in my heart I knew that getting just one of these damn things would open Pandora’s box and give me yet another thing to obsessively collect…

Also, working in a store that gives a 5% above cost discount on them doesn’t help. This is my collection so far. I can’t decided if I want to open them so for now they’re sitting on my still-unmounted media tower in their packaging and looking stylin’.

The third-party prices on a lot of the Amiibos right now are ridiculous, however, so that’s a major deterrent for me being a completionist about these (plus there’s a bunch of characters who have Amiibos that I don’t care about, LINK), and it’s why I only have Amiibos of characters I really like so far. (Thankfully, all of my favorites are popular characters but I’m dreading Rosalina being a Target-exclusive in February.)

Hopefully Nintendo wakes up and gets some more Marth, Wii Fit Trainer, Villager and even Pit, Diddy Kong and Little Mac Amiibos into the market soon to cut off those scalpers getting $50+ for a $12.99 figurine.


I’ve seen a ton of people going ape for these. Are they essentially just a type of figurine?

I’m out of touch.

omg!! KIRBY :heart_eyes: !! and SAMUS =O So awesome!

Diddy is discontinued too now?

think of the Amiibo’s as the skylanders/Infinity figures really just looks nice for display thats about it.opening them game wise they dont do much to be exact in smash it allows you to level them up.alot of the rare 3rd party amiibo’s are going for dumb amounts.wave 2 has the most rares in a wave atm with 90% of them all hard to get…

So there are people other than Nintendo making these? Is that what you mean by 3rd party?

The new nintendo 3DS also supports it.

All I want is a Greninja and Jigglypuff. :slightly_frowning_face: They’re the only two characters in Smash Brothers that I use.

I mostly just want Jigglypuff because that’s the only consistent character in the Smash Bros. games that I’ve always used. :dizzy_face:

Basically. Figurines with very limited content interaction with actual Wii U (and presumably future 3DS) games. Most of them just generate extra costumes for your Mii. The current waves of Amiibos are featuring the cast of Super Smash Bros. 4 but after all of the playable characters from that game are released there should be some other characters, e.g. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker being an Amiibo-compatible Wii U game despite there not being a Toad Amiibo.

People are going ape for them because Nintendo underestimated the fervor of collectors and loyalty of the diehard Nintendo fanboys. Most stores got maybe four copies of the rarer Amiibos – in the first wave of twelve, the rare three are now-famously Marth, Villager and Wii Fit Trainer; almost all of wave two was pretty rare too except for Zelda and Luigi – which were snatched up in days and peddled off on eBay for the bloodthirsty collectors/holiday shoppers.

There’s also a huge controversy over the rare Amiibos being “discontinued” because retailers are unable to restock their supplies and Nintendo has tweeted things implying that they both have and have not discontinued certain Amiibos. They refuse to flat-out give an answer. Also, wave three launches in a month with Amiibos exclusive to four or five different retailers and of those, the ones that can be pre-ordered are already closed for pre-orders. (my waifu Rosalina at Target; Shulk at Gamestop; Meta Knight at Best Buy; Lucario at Toys R Us)

Either way Nintendo is botching this pretty hard because there’s clearly a ton of demand for the rare ones as people are legit selling Amiibos online for a 400% markup. For nobodies like WII FIT TRAINER, even.


Here are all the ones coming out:

No love for GN or Jiggs?

Pfft, looks like I’m saving money.

I’m pretty sure every character from Smash 4 will be released as an Amiibo eventually. They only have the first three waves listed on their site which, mind you, were released in the span of about three months (late Nov, mid Dec, early Feb).

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For some reason, I am incredibly interested in owning some Amiibos.

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They look sweet! don’t open them… unless you really really want to!!

I think by 3rd party - maybe it was meant that- Nintendo is the 3rd company (party) to release such figures. The 1st being Activision with Skylanders and the 2nd Disney Infinity.

I do not yet own a Wii U, but I am hoping these figures will work JUST like Skylanders - meaning - that you do NOT have to open figure to use them. With Skylanders, you can just leave figure MIP, set on the portal, and it will work -play-save like it is supposed to. No need to rip out the figure. I don’t know if this is true for Nintendo though.

I am getting each of the Zelda characters and maybe a few others. But pikachu sure is lacking. It should have been more like a Kaiyodo figure, but it is pretty basic and uninteresting.

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If you want the rare ones go on or

I finally got my Wii U set up yesterday and I tried this in Smash. On the character select screen you’re supposed to be able to put your Amiibo on the Game Pad to select your character. Doesn’t work through the packaging. And I’m definitely not opening up my Amiibos just to select characters or unlock Mii costumes…


Wow Nintendo really missed the mark with that. I really dislike the idea, but I may buy 2 Zelda as Sheik. These figures are already $5 more then the basic Skylanders were. I guess it is true what they say, and usually the original is best. Even then, Skylanders got too much. I felt they rushed the games to put 1 out every year (instead of 2-5 years development like most spectacular games take). The gameplay and depth to games seemed to decrease with each title. All reasons as to why I quit Skylanders.

What Skylanders had that Nintendo and Disney missed, is playability with both older and newer figures on newer games. You could play any character on any level in game, only old games could not play new characters. With Nintendo/Disney you can’t do that. Plus the quality, artwork and detail of the Skylanders was great. Disney turned all its characters into 1 type of stylized figure, and Nintendo could use more “oomph” in its detail for some figures(aka very plain Mario, Pikachu).

Scary thing is Nintendo has 800+ pokemon they can make into amiibo figures. If they made the figures more interesting (aka like the Kaiyodo figures), this could be very problematic and costly for Pokemaniacs like myself. LOL

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I meant 3rd party games or characters that aren’t like in the main line up.Fire Emblem is one of those games most people didnt care for at all till the 3DS one came out and became one of the top 10 3DS games to get and it made alot of the older games shoot up in value in just months.As of now the hard 3 Marth,Villager & Wii Fit Trainer are the hardest to get with wave 3 comming in just matter of weeks and the exclusives it will be a crazy road ahead for certain ones

Didn’t know people were going nuts over these, of that they are rare! Shop nearby me with loads of them. If they are universal and not region locked, perhaps I’ll start flogging off Japanese ones on my eBay!