One Puff to Conquer them All

Shared this on my Facebook but have no idea why I never thought to post it here of all places:

So, originally I made this for the Smash Bros tournament that I go to amongst friends every other Saturday. To give you some context, I’m current Champion and every time someone becomes champion, they can make modifications to the belt.

Usually it’s a singles tournament, but recently me and a friend wanted to do a teams tournament. I decided to take the initiative, make modifications to the belt, and then create a video as a challenge.

The result is this:

I’m a bit TOO proud of this abomination and wanted to share it.

As for why this is Pokemon related. Well, I play Jigglypuff.

The belt is in my current possession. :rage:


Haha…well done:)

well… that was creepy as hell!

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Good stuff. Was hoping for SSB64 though. I was a beast with wizard hat pikachu.