jef299's collection video

Just a video I made about my collection. Enjoy!


Cool collection!
It would be nice if you spoke a bit about your cards, for example we can see how you light up when you show your PSA graded Snorlax, but what’s the backstory of it; what makes that card very special to you? :blush:

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The Team Rocket Snorlax I got off ebay is my favorite card.(its psa 9) I ended up winning its auction for $17.50 which is an amazing deal for that card.

Sorry I don’t talk in the video. Guess I am nervous, lol.

Dont worry I felt weird making videos when I first started. Glad to see your collection coming along.

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The rockets snorlax has awesome artwork, EX TRR is one of my favourite sets of all time behind maybe gym 1/2 and base set. Hope to see you talking in your next video too!