japanese old packs

anyone know the prices for the japanese e series 1-5 packs and all of the adv + pcg packs as well?

if you only have some of the information, please feel free to share :slight_smile: just trying to get an idea of what i should be paying for them

also, where would i be able to find a sealed lost link pack?

@pokemoncenteritaly or @bagoly14 might have the Lost Link pack.

I’d say most of those packs are $15-25. Some are significantly more difficult to find, however.

I’m with @bagoly14 the Lost Link pack it’s the rarest of all the japanese booster packs. 50$ it’s the minimum price for one pack.

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Here is someone with a pack or few for sale (Lost link). Odd they are in Italy…Hey wait Pokemon center Italy, isnt that you??




why are lost link packs so rare? there werent a lot printed?

just found 2 lost link packs and picked them up!

Congrats! Those are some rare packs.

i was planning on keeping one sealed and selling the other - do you think it would significantly increase in value if i stashed it away or would selling it now be a better option?