Japanese E Series packs

Hey everyone, I’ve been mostly interested in english cards/packs since I started collecting but after seeing the pack arts for the japanese E series I am absolutely crazy for them. What are the E series 1-4 packs really worth now? Any help would be greatly appreciated :blush:

@japanime should have information on them :blush:
Last I knew he had some?

If not… @pokemoncenteritaly

There were a lot of E4 going at $12-15 apiece on eBay a few months ago.

E1 and E2 are generally less expensive. But sealed boxes seem to cost a premium. No idea on E3.

I’ll definitely check with those members later on :blush:
@pokephd I recently bought a 1st ed E4 for $13 off of eBay from I’m guessing the same seller. I’ve seen a lot of non 1st edition go for more than their 1st edition counterparts. Is there a reason for this?