Japanese Lottery Promos for trade

I have the Shining Groudon and Shining Kyogre from the 2010 Japanese Sweepstakes lottery for trade

I am mainly a competitive player so I am looking for competitive cards

Cards I would like to trade for are

Luxray GL level x (Big want)
Uxie level x
Mew prime


I have no idea how many people here have English cards, but you might be going a bit low for your cards - a quick search on eBay shows the Luxray at around $50. Or am I missing something here? Just realised the low ones are the WC ones

I saw that this site was mainly for collecting so I decided to advertise them here. I usually trade on pokegym but most people are only looking for competitive cards there. The Luxray is actually woth about 70$. I assumed some people might have a level x collection they would be willing to trade from

luxray gl lv x is about 50-80 mark mostly but after the rotation his value will die.shining groudon and the shiny kyogre from the lottery set also died abit in value when the english ones came out.