Want Japanese Charizard Gold star 1st edition

I am currently looking for this card

Notice the 1st edition sign in the left hand corner.
If anyone has this, please post
I can pay money or if you are looking for cards, here is a list of some I have

Level X’s
2 Luxray GL level x
Flygon Level X

1 Absol Prime
1 Typhlosion prime
1 Blissey prime
1 Ampharos prime
1 Umbreon prime
1 Yanmega prime
1 Electrode prime

Good meta cards and Holos
1 Raichu HGSS
1 Ninetales HGSS
1 Jumpluff HGSS
1 Metagross SV
1 Blaziken PL
2 Rampardos PL
1 Delcatty PL
2 Noctowl HGSS
2 Blastoise PL
1 Shuckle HGSS
1 Hitmantop HGSS
6 Spiritomb AR
1 Azelf LA
4 Pidgeot TR
4 Blastoise UL (pre release)
1 Victreebell TR
1 Gyarados COL
1 Scizor UD

Japanese Ultra Rares
Shining Groudon (Japanese Sweepstakes lottery 2010)
Shining Kyogre ( Japanese Sweepstakes lottery 2010)

Thanks for reading