Jan 31st - Feb 6th, 2015 - Ninetales - Dragon Frontiers

Card of the Week - Jan 31st - Feb 5th, 2015****Ninetales - Dragon Frontiers
(This card will count towards the month of February)
(Also this month with be Delta month, all cards for this month will be from the 3 Delta Sets)

From a set that has so many examples of wonderful artwork comes this beautiful Ninetales from Dragon Frontiers.This was the only representation of Ninetales in any of the Delta sets, so it is the only time it has appeared as a non-Fire Type Pokemon. I have chosen the Japanese version of the card because I think the Silver border compliments the Purple much nicer than the Gold from the English release.

What is your favourite Ninetales card?
(Thank you to @uniqueusername for this suggestion way back in the middle of 2014!)


I had this one in real life, its just too much.

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The background is amazing.

Yay! I was hoping this card would be featured. It’s my favorite Ninetales card. Granted, there is a lot of beautiful artwork of Ninetales but this is absolutely gorgeous.

Yay~! I love this card :heart:

Thank you for featuring it!


Beautiful *_*

Fantastic, one of the best artworks ever on a Pokemon card. It is just that, an actual work of art, which is hard to come by with trading cards. Yeah, we may like a Charizard or a trophy card, but there’s no denying that this would not look out of place in an art gallery.

I also love that it’s on a regular holo, making it accessible to a large number of collectors. Good on you TPC.

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I LOVE the artwork! No CGI here :blush:

Not seen this card before, it certainly does look amazing :blush: