Oct 3rd - Oct 9th - Rayquaza - 144/BW-P

**Card of the week - Oct 3rd - Oct 9th, 2014****Rayquaza - 144/BW-P

To coincide with the announcement of Mega Rayquaza for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, it felt appropriate to make this Rayquaza the card of the week.

One of my favourite artworks in the recent couple of years. Also known as Nobunaga’s Rayquaza.

Discuss this Rayquaza and your favourite Rayquaza cards!**

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That background is super rad.

I would have purchased this card if it didn’t have that holo pattern… my favorite rayquaza is Def sky’s rayquaza

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I love the silhouette of that boss in the background (idk the name).

Nice artwork indeed. Just not into the holo effect =/