Jan 7th - Jan 13th, 2015 - Rayquaza - 075/L-P

**So before I start off the new year, and the new Card of the Week.****I’ll be trying something that will hopefully add a bit more spice to the CotW. At the end of every month a poll will be held to determine UPCCC’s favourite submission to that months CotW. Then at the end of December this year a poll will be hold for all the winners and a CARD OF THE YEAR will be awarded!

Card of the week - Jan 7th - Jan 13th, 2015
Rayquaza - 075/L-P

Thought we’d start off the year with something shiny. A favourite from the well known L-P series. It is part of a Lottery group that includes 5 other Legendary Pokemon.
Which is your favourite?**


Love the idea of card of the year!!!

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I look forward to owning these cards some day. Ho-Oh is my personal favorite:

EDIT: Technically part of the other group of Lottery Promos from L-P. :wink:

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I’d like to get my hands on the set one day as well.

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I picked up a ray on auction recently. It’s quite the card. I especially like the colors in the background as they compliment the style very well. Out of this set ray or Kyogre is probably my favorite but the other set is much nicer all around. That ho oh and suicune…

I’d love the card of the month to be more of a undersppreciated card

Such as: www.ebay.com/itm/Japanese-Pokemon-2011-JR-Stamp-Rally-Hokkaido-Jumbo-Promo-Card-Reshiram-BW-P-/151540568288?pt=Trading_Card_Games_US&hash=item23488590e0

One that is rare, but quite unknown

Intrinsically, my favourite will always be Dialga.
My friend went on exchange to Japan, and had purchased some cards on Y!J for me.
When they came back, as a gift they gave me this little packet full of Japanese cards.
It might be a little scuffed, but I love it all the same :blush:

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Absolutely open to suggestions for CotW.

I currently have until the end of Feb planned out for which cards, so I’ll maybe slot this one in after that!

We have a suggestions thread for Card of the Week.

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My favourite from common lottery promos has to be Kyogre, nice looking background + purple as shiny colour is just perfect.