It's like Pokemon for hungry people

“It’s like ‘Pokemon’ for hungry people.”

That’s how comedian and talk-show host Craig Ferguson described “The Manga Cookbook” on last night’s episode of “The Late Late Show.”

I’m a huge fan of Ferguson, so seeing my book featured on the lectern of his robot skeleton sidekick Geoff was a great thrill. Then, at the end of the show, Craig and Geoff actually talked about the book. And he tied it in with Pokemon. Wow!



Let me know how much your sales increase in the upcoming weeks ;D


Congratulations Glenn! Do you have a link to the video?

That’s awesome. Congratulations Glenn, :blush:

How cool!

Wow I love late night shows, that is some massive awareness for you! Congrats, very well done, and earned, your a great writer.

The video has been posted by a few folks on YouTube. Here’s one link:

My company’s book (I can’t really take all the credit — it was a team effort) can be seen throughout the show sitting on Geoff’s (the skeleton-robot sidekick) lectern. But if you scroll to the final minute of the video, you can see Craig and Geoff actually talking about the book.

Craig also shows Geoff how to use chopsticks. Those chopsticks were provided by my company, too :blush:


That’s your book?! That’s awesome, congrats! I shall be buying a copy of it soon. :grin: