Game Freak Magazines

If anyone ever sees these GameFreak Magazines going for sale again, please please please buy it - then contact me directly I WILL purchase them from you.

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I’m kinda planning for 2015 to be the year of the book hunt so I will definitely keep an eye out for u :blush:

That would be amazing! Id love to get any copy of Satoshi’s early work. It started when i found that rough manuscript of Capsule Monsters

Once I found out that the Capsule Monsters script, or even a copy, is pretty much impossible, i went for the next best thing. Unfortunatley Ive come up empty for years! That link posted above for one of the earlier Game Freak magazines has been the only one I’ve ever seen for sale.

I actually saw 2 listings recently on yj … they are super rare tho… are u interested in any old manga? There’s some great illustrations :blush:

for the first Gen yes I am, I have the first 14 or so of the original manga with Clefairy as the main sidekick

Heres a thread of the books ive aquired thus far

Ohh I remember your video! Very jealous of the encyclopedia… if ur not exclusive to pokemon there are a few guides/comics for other games with Sugimori art. I have a jerry boy coming sooner or later :slight_smile:

I considered collecting Sugimori Art at one point and i vaguley remember JErry Boy - is that the old game, kinda looked like a hocky puck?

He’s got enough Pokemon stuff to keep me busy tho, obviously lol Im still pining over those Game Freak Mags and this:

Looked forever and gave up…

I have that :wink:

You have this ??

Yessir check my collection thread :blush:

Pm time

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I have something you might be interested. I’ll PM you.

Book hunting, huh? I am kinda wanting a book called Pokemon Tales (I think) - “I want to be a blastoise”!.

Also I may pick up that recent pokemon artbook next year.