Is this Dark Charizard a PSA 10?

Hey everyone,

I am after some help with this card as I am really on the line if it is a PSA 9 or PSA 10.

The overall condition of the card looks great with the slightest wear on the back in one area. The only other thing that would concern me is the centering, what do you all think?

I know grading is obviously subjective to the grader but would appreciate any thoughts. :blush:

Thanks in advance.


Seems to be some whitening on bottom right of back and some rough edges I guess(?) on the bottom left of the front. Tough call but I think you’re right and it’s a tossup between 9-10 lol. Guess it’ll all depend on the grader!

Tough to say honestly. I would say the centering could be better but still 10 worthy in my eyes. The back looks great yet I see your concern. I would grade it and hope for the 10

The centering should fall within a 10 even tho it’s not perfect but I don’t think they’d let the edge spots slide. It’s a niner imo and that’s assuming the front is flawless.

Only one way to find out…

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I just saw your comment on youtube before I read this haha. Thanks for the comment though.

I appreciate everyone’s comments, I am probably more worried about the back whitening now then anything else. The centering compared to other 10’s that has sold is not significantly different.

I think I will just go for it, it’s not like Dark Charizard’s 1st Edition grow on trees and come up all the time. :stuck_out_tongue:

No it’s a BGS 9.5.

As @fourthstartcg said, there is only one way to find out.

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Thanks for everyone’s comments. I feel there is not much doubt its a PSA 9 now as I got a couple more pictures and there is 2 clear nicks/white areas on the back which would be enough to stop it getting a PSA 10.

I ended up getting this for 1/4th the price as it is a lot less of a risk money wise. :blush: