Is there such thing as a case for binders?

Hi everyone! This is my first post here.

I just finished my 1st edition base set (actually, I still have a Venusaur to go… I’m working on that one), and I’m worried that it’ll be damaged in the binder I have it in. Of course every card is in deck protectors and then inserted into the sleeve. It’s an ultra pro pro-binder (not premium). But something could easily bang into the meat of the binder and damage the cards.

Is there such thing as a binder case? I know I saw one on a YouTube video but I can’t find one anywhere now…

Thanks so much!!

Hey man the best way to protect your awesome cards if your not grading them is probably A TOPLOADER BINDER. LINK -

Also man, the best way to protect the cards like as if they are graded is to get Clear Deck protectors ( Ultra pro ) Put the Card in Upside down with hologram bit on the back and the opening of the deck protector should be at the bottom, then seal it with a Ultra pro penny sleeve ( Normal one, not premium ) Chuck it in the toploader, and then into the Toploader binder and your good to go.
I kept cards like this for a year, got them graded and most of them got 10’s.

No way these bad bois coould get any kind of damage:

Certain file boxes fit binders well with the spine sides up. I’m totally anti binder but the description above sounds safe.