Is there some sort of barcode redemption program in Japan?

Is there some sort of barcode redemption program in Japan?
For example, listings like this on Mercari are selling for almost $10 per barcode. Can someone explain why?

I don’t know about a promo, but if you see the UPC digits you can recreate the bar code in pretty much any program that you can change the font in. Wtf is the point of posting a picture of them

With the newest set, there is a redemption for the Charizard VMax

something I’ve been wondering as well

More specifically, the Charizard VMAX Hyper Rare Tournament Trophy that’s selling for around $6k at the moment

Hopefully when these Lottery winners are sent out, the price will go down…


Oh right!!! The play at home thing, totally didnt connect the two things.

Who wants to buy 4 of my box barcodes? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not 100% sure, but I thought it is common in Japan where if you submit barcodes/pack wrappers for Yugioh or Pokemon, you have either a chance to be entered in a lottery prize or enter a specific tournament.

Prices are already dropping. I wonder how low they will go. I already bought a copy of the full art thinking that some tournaments may be canceled due to covid. If it drops below 1000$ I may get another copy.

Anyone have a link to the redemption site?