Is it allowed to sell Pokémon from games on ebay?

I see more & more of these auctions popping up… and some people actually bid on these. Is it really allowed to sell ‘virtual’ Pokémon on ebay? Where can we report this if it isn’t allowed?

Sales of virtual items isnt allowed on ebay but saying that I personally used to sell virtual cards for the Yugioh Online 2/3 game 3-4 years ago. I used to make £200-£300 a week from just selling virtual cards. You can report it but do you feel that it effects you that much that you would report it?

I’ve sold Pokemon from the games in person. I’d never use eBay.

I find nothing wrong with virtual Yu-Gi-Oh cards or Pokémon TCGO cards etc.
But the point is… most of these Pokémons are hacked. Just buy a hacking device for $25 and you have an infinite amount of Pokémon to sell…

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Injecting or Hacking Pokemon into your game can be very risky if you want to use them in official tournaments, though.
Yes some Hacked Mons get through even at the Worlds Tournment but people get caught all the time.

Certain groups despise Hacking and promote a culture of legit breeding/obtaining of Pokemon.

I remember back in BW2 era I hatched a Perfect IV Ferroseed that was Shiny. Totally legit and I sold it for 60 dollars.

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First time I’ve seen that pokemon named. Great job on selling it.

It’s probably because pokegen doesn’t work anymore, so maybe these are pokemon that will still get past the poke bank checkpoints and can be used for whatever because they look 100% legit. I know almost every one of my pokegen pokemon made it through, and I had like 50 of them lol. You can’t make them anymore besides AR, which is awful and doesn’t work as well.

I believe anything that can only be sent virtually is against eBay’s rules, because of the risks involved with it (mainly sellers not sending anything, and PayPal doesn’t cover disputes over virtual goods). There was a time when I tried selling some TCGO codes that I had from some packs I opened; my first listing was removed by eBay and they sent me a message saying we couldn’t e-mail virtual codes for whatever reason.

If you ship the actual TCGO codes that should be fine. The codes in packs are different than just transferring data. They are printed and are quantifiable. They are also a material good that you purchased, rather than data that you can infinitely reproduce.

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But most state they will email the code. Makes it hard for us collectors of code cards.

(email and send in the mail)

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