International Shipping Question (Please Help)

I have a potential buyer interested in one of my more expensive cards (four figures); however, instead of using eBay’s global shipping program, the buyer has requested to use a service called ComGateway (presumably to avoid high shipping/customs fees). Essentially, this shipping service acts as a U.S. residence that receives mail and then ships the packages to its international destination. The buyer has a second account with this U.S. address listed.

I’m afraid that I am being unreasonable or overly cautious; the buyer has been incredibly polite and reasonable, but despite this, I don’t feel comfortable making this deal since I don’t know where my responsibility as a seller would end, in eBay/Paypal’s eyes.

-If I put full insurance and signature confirmation on the package would that initiate higher customs fees that the buyer is trying to avoid?
-Assuming ComGateway damaged the item or lost it (or stole it, as some reviews suggested) would I be responsible?
-How would this impact an “item not delivered” or “item not as described” case?
-Has anyone used this service or a similar one?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated . . . I don’t want to offend my buyer, but I also don’t want to foolishly risk such a high value item.


The vast majority of our very experienced members here don’t use any of those services. We just sell and ship to the buyers. I would say to you though that as long as you’re covered by paypals and eBay’s protection plans then go ahead. If you aren’t sure if protected then contact PP and eBay. If you don’t get answers from them, and your still uncomfortable, then stick with the gsp.

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