Interesting Fossil Aerodactyl Listing

Hey everyone. I found this auction for a PSA 10 1st edition Aero from Fossil and the pictures look like a holo and the bids are certainly around holo pricing but the PSA label doesn’t say holo on it and it lists it as card number #16 which would be the non-holo version. Does this sort of miss labeling happen often at PSA and could the buyer send it in to get a corrected label and keep the grade?

Just thought it was interesting.

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Well the picture looks like a Holo because it is a Holo of course, as indicated by 1/62 on the card itself. I wouldn’t say this happens very often, but there are definitely a lot of mislabelled cards out there. And you can always have it reholdered for a fee so I think that’s where you might get them to update the label with the correct information?

If PSA mislabeled the card, they should re-label it with the correct information without a fee. (not counting the price of shipping)

I have 655 PSA cards and about 3 or 4 are mislabeled. It happens

That’s a very specific amount to just know haha.

Now I wonder if they mislabel only the name of the card or do sometimes they mislabel the grade as well… hmmm…

I put my cards in the PSA set registry so it’s easy to just read off how many I have. I remember hearing about an instance in here where they had a typo in the grade. It was something like 10 → 1

Again, it does happen:)

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My shadowless charizard isn’t labeled as shadowless

I have a half dozen undesignated. The reason is I graded them prior to getting the shadowless designation lol.