information about city championship cards

so i was looking for more information about the city championship cards. the problem is that i can’t find any information about it. not even on bulbapedia. so how can i tell which cards have these logos on the cards?

also are there more cards with a stamp that are not shown on bulbapedia?


Hi there. There are quite a few and they are fun to collect. Here are a couple of posts that may help you out

Here is the link from bulba Bulbap

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ah thanks, this is what is was looking for, are all the special stamped cards on it?

Um. I know they are on those two checklists but I think bulbapedia might be missing a few

I collected all the stamped promo cards ever released from base to BW (I stopped collecting when XY was released). Give me your list and I’ll take a look at it.