Ilustrator for sale

Yes - that illustrator. See this:

Now this might be old news but I didn’t know. Easiest way to get a bid in would be to PM directly on the 'gym, presumably.


Yeah I have been in contact with them for awhile. It is “for sale” to who can afford it which is no one right now.

I will get it in the summer if its still around.

Around much are they looking to get for it?

$10,000 give or take.

how good is that for a illustrator?

For right now probably a little high.

10 grand for an illustrator is actually not bad but still its very hard to say if its worth the buy with the economy right now

I am speaking for myself, I am not droping 10k on a card, Period. If it was a good economy maybe, but i dont really mind not spending 10k I am in no rush to buy it. I know that there are others out there and can wait for one to appear in my range which is not unreasonable, but I think the one that they want to sell they want some insane amount which is not happening.

that is true 10k is alot for just that 1 card.if i had the money i would buy it since its rare and all but thats still alot of green to fork up over a card.sooner or later they might bring the cost down if it wont sell.i dont remember how much the illustrator card that was on ebay a few months back went up to

That was that illustrator it was not selling at that price. The card has a wide range in sales. One went for 1800 back in the day. It is really about demand/current market/awareness.

I mean I think it should be worth 10k but 32k is ridiculous, the psa 8 one is the highest sold card at $20,000, and apparently the one on the gym is mint but that is up to psa to decide, I think there might be a crease in it, just a rumor not sure.

I’d buy the Illustrator for $10k (if I had the cash) just to get it out of that fucker’s hands.

The card could be a 10, I’ve seen scans, it looks like its in the condition that my SSB No.1 was in which I thought was going to receive a 9 but it got a 10. A gem isn’t always flawless though it has to be pretty fucking close.

I’m sorry but in today’s market, it is not worth $10k. My guess is that around $7,500 is a reasonable price to target for at the minute.

As far as I know, the most expensive card has been the No. 1 Trainer (I think the first one, so that’s what, 97? 98? I should know this!), for I believe $22,878. No way is any card going to hit that sort of crazy amount anytime soon.

Noone has been able to determine how many Illustrators are out there. I guess that’s a little irrelevant when everyone and their donkey will jump at the chance of any out there for sale, but it does mean that it’s not a complete one-off that you will never have the chance to own otherwise.

As Scott says, the smart thing for people to do is to wait until the inevitable more realistic sale comes along.

Just my two cents really…

Yeah I agree 100% It is not worth 10k right now. I know that is what John would want and ideally what anyone would want but it just isn’t worth that.

The cards that usually go for high thousands are going for low thousands. the english no 1 trainers go for a little above 2k in auction, well the ones that were on auction.

But to me it is a card I am always going to want and on the top of my list, but it is not worth 10k right now, three to four years ago yes definitely, or when mozz had it first but now no.

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I agree, with you both, its not worth $10k I just said I would be willing to pay that amount, just to get it out of their hands that is all.

Then again I’d rather find another Illustrator of the same or better yet a better quality, grade it, receive a PSA-10 post it for all to see and then laugh.

Yeah I am not sure where I heard that there is a crease, I think it might of been brian I am not sure, but that is my only concern with it.

Regardless of its condition, a flawless one still is not worth 10k right now, unless there is someone out there with a disposable income I just dont see it valued at that price.