ID help please :) - magazine and jumbo art board cards??

P.S These are everything I want from a jumbo card! ^^

never seen before…

From my search they are Coro Coro cards see the auctions!

The magazine is the “Pokémon Card Fan Club Vol. 4” which has a deck box included (you can see the deck box on the verso of the magazine).

The Jumbo come from the CoroCoro Magazine (コロコロコ=CoroCoro).

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Better images for you.


The “Art Boards” are called shitajiki in Japanese, and are used to provide stability while writing in a notebook (similar to the way that clip boards are used in the West). Unlike the shitajiki that are sold in stationery shops, however, those pictured in this thread are made of cardboard. I’ve posted a few other shitajiki in my collection roundup:


Wow @japanime @pokémon Center Italy @linkdu83 you guys are like Pokemon encyclopaedia’s. It is very awesome.

Those look to be like a sketch board as you mentioned, it makes sense now. Something you would use for technical drawing as a runoff board, or for copic marker sketch work for edge bleeding or blending. I would be weary of any which have been used heavily for art, as they could have some wear or discolouring as that is how they are meant to be used.

Wow great replies thanks! So are the pencil boards much thicker than a standard card?

In the case of these Pokemon Art Boards, they are the same thickness (and size) as the old Corocoro jumbo cards.

I have 1 or 2 of those art boards! They are very beautiful, and I wish I could find/have more.

Anyone know which CoroCoro they come from so I can search for them? Anyone have a complete list?

@bluey Dat Raichu mag doe

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Beautiful artwork! That’s just what I love about the original era of Pokemon :blush: They remind me of the NattaWake comics artwork (Note to self: Buy all of them sealed!)
BUT if I recall correctly these were posted here before, like a year ago…

That’s correct. I bought these 3 cards about a year ago. First the 1st and 2nd cards and later the 3rd.
I don’t know a lot about these cards (just learned a lot from this topic) , only thing I know is that they have great artwork!

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Yea I just purchased 2 and 3, hopefully someone can help me find 1! I’m crazy about old school artwork particular himeno and arita`s so these are right up my alley :blush:

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Legend Po-CK-emon, noticed that?!

Old school :sunglasses:

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Can anyone shed some light on these as well?

I think the first two are the back side of a sticker board?

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I have these cards, but I don’t have any information about them …
I made scans of the cards few months ago :

EDIT : My old post about these cards :

The sticker “cards” were Carddass releases. Lots of and lots of different series were available in the early days of Pokemon. We used to sell them in the vending machines that stood outside the front of my Tokyo toy store.

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