I want to forward an old list with Japanese promocards on it

While going through old documents trying to help somebody with details about International Pokemon tournaments, I got across a list with all kind of Japanese promocards released from oct 1996 (what else) up to 2005.

I got that kind of lists from dedicated collectors during those days, but I’m not into Japanese cards at all.
For anybody interested I can mail it to you, just drop me a PM.
If somebody can publish it here also fine by me, I just want this document not getting lost.

It looks like this and is 7 pages long

Japanese English
Year Card # Name Name Type
Oct 1996 ? Purin CoroCoro Comic
Oct 1996 ? Pikachu Pikachu CoroCoro Comic
Jan 1997 ? Flying Pikachu Flying Pikachu CoroCoro Comic
Jan 1997 ? Uindi Toyota Campaign
Jan 1997 ? Pikachu Pikachu Toyota Campaign
Jan 1997 ? Myuu Mew JR Stamp Rally/CoroCoro Comic
Apr 1997 ? Psychic Energy Psychic Energy Pokemon Fan Book

Looks horrible when I try to post it here.

If you upload it to Google drive and post a link, I’m sure it’ll get shared quite a bit.

Google drive or anything “cloudy” is out of my comfort zone.
I don’t know how it works and I don’t want to know.
Anybody who is willing to share the list that way feel free to ask for the list.