I just won a auction and the seller immediately canceled

So I just won the bid on these shadowless charizards and I asked the seller if he could do local pick up since he lives like 10 mins away from me. He said sure and he canceled the order. Is there anyway I can report this or somehow get the cards that I won? By bidding im obligated to buy it and its a lot of money Im putting on the line. It feels so wrong that I cannot even leave a negative feedback.

If you won the auction and the seller cancels you can still leave feedback. I just went through the same thing. I won a big lot of shadowless cards that included a shadowless raichu and several square cut unlimited cards as well and one of the old school 4 pocket binders for $26. The seller cancelled immediately after I won and said his kid got ahold of the cards and they were damaged… but I was still able to leave feedback. In this case maybe the seller thought you’d want to completely do the transaction off eBay? Give them some time to respond but if they don’t really all you can do is leave negative feedback and report them.


Yes he said that is what he thought even though I clearly stated several times that is not what I wanted. I dont think he was scamming me I think he was just dumb


It happened to me a few times now. There’s not much you can do except leave negative feedback. Don’t use any personal insults otherwise they can get it removed.


Story of 2017 for me. Been canceled on about 3 times this year. Sorry you had to deal with someone like this. He’s obviously just trying to get around fees. If people are so concerned with fees on eBay they need to increase their prices in order to net the amount the actually want for the item.

This happens to me a lot when people realize what they are selling when it is too late, kinda anyway…

The most disappointing story I have related to this situation: In November I posted in the “giant auction” thread on here about someone selling a Gym Heroes booster box for $55 plus $30 shipping (give or take) and asked if anyone found it fishy, which everyone did, so I didn’t buy it. The box sold less than 5 minutes later to someone else and I decide to contact the seller to see what else they’ve got. Turns out they have *three* 1st ED Team Rocket boxes and one 1st ED Neo Genesis that are all sealed and they sent me multiple images of to ensure authenticity/that they actually have the boxes in hand.

Long story short, I say that I’m interested in buying all four boxes and tell them to name their price - they respond with $400 total and $75 shipping, needless to say I’m shocked and 100% agree to this. The seller relists everything into one auction with the set price, I pay and all is good. 30 minutes later without contacting me the seller cancels the order, of course. I contact them and ask whats up and get the typical “I think my wife sold them in a garage sale, sorry man” response and leave it at that.

I check the seller’s feedback a week or two later and the buyer who got the Gym Heroes booster box left positive feedback and got the box for $55 bucks, meanwhile I’m left without anything. I’ve had situations in the past like this where a seller doesn’t realize the value of an item and gotten away with a steal of a deal, but they usually end up in the order being cancelled sometime after research is done by the seller. Just found it crazy that someone out there really got a sealed Gym Heroes box for under $100 shipped.

EDIT: Gym Heroes booster box was actually 1st ED and sold for $60 bucks.

Why is he dumb? He’s trying to save the fees. He’s cheating ebay but not stupid.

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You’re trying to save on shipping and he’s trying to save fees. :blush:

I guess this is just a misunderstanding. Pretty sure you will still be able to buy the cards.

So you win the auction. Then you want to change the terms and he agrees. Then he changes the terms and you snivel like a little girl lol just kidding,
There’s nothing to complain about here.

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Well, I for one would not allow you to pick up locally if you were not going to pay in cash. I Would not allow anyone to, if the seller has that in mind I would have to side with him.


Yeah, that’s the problem. Unless he marks it as shipped, and then when you meet up you mark it as delivered and leave positive 5 star feedback on the spot from your phone. Just seems like a lot of hassle.

You’ll have to be a bit creative to get their contact info, but it looks like the seller is willing to sell you the cards. You might even get a small discount if you pay cash. :blush:

IMO the title is not appropriate and it’s borderline clickbaity. This is not a case where a seller won’t honor a sale because the item sold too low or anything shady… Surprised you’re even in such a hurry to leave negative feedback. Try communicating with them?

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All or any of those actions would not protect him. There is only one way, and that is with proof of delivery. Otherwise the buyer could claim he didn’t get it and it would pretty much be case closed.

Once you make the purchase through eBay, you are allowed to trade contact information, however they (eBay) would probably take action if you tried to cancel shortly thereafter. I have only sold a handful of things local pickup, but I read up on it before I did to protect myself. If you try to trade contact information before buy it now is clicked and they catch you, you will be in trouble (sometimes a 1 week listing ban). It doesn’t matter if you say you just want to check the item out before buying in person, you can not trade information before the sale is made. However after the sale has wen’t through you are fair game.
There are numerous ways around it, but now that he has asked to meet in person and canceled the sale, if it is caught in eBay’s filters the seller will most likely be reprimanded in some way. Although, a lot of things do slip through their filters.

Wouldn’t a buyer marking an item as delivered proof of delivery? Plenty of people ship cards untracked… I don’t see a difference here.

Anyway, I think next time OP will just pay a few bucks to have the item delivered to them. :blush:

That’s the thing, if that is all that was required there would be all kinds of fly by night sellers ripping people off.
You have to have a tracking number to prove the delivery happened, people that sell singles without tracking have no protection whatsoever, and they know this. However the amount of people who scam is proportionally insignificant to the amount of money the make/save selling without tracking. If a singles seller were to get scammed they realize it is the cost of doing business and the block the seller and move on.

Anyway, that is why single sellers also have a threshold for how high a value of a card they are willing to ship without tracking. I started selling singles and set my number to anything under 12 dollars. (So pretty much anything that goes into my micropay account.)

@gottaketchumall could elaborate more on the single market than I can. I am still new to that side of eBay.

I’ve had buyers that left positive feedback come back and open a case against me for INAD. Their side is that they made a mistake, my side was that they didn’t and that I actually shipped it. I still lost. I had no proof of shipment or delivery. I am assuming the same would go for a buyer marking as received. They could simply say they made a mistake marking it and meant to do it for another item. They would still beat you in a case.

Moral of the story as some have already said only accept an irreversible payment option (crypto or cash) for an in person pickup of an eBay sale. If they pay via paypal/cc do NOT hand it over to them in person unless you trust them at least the value of the transaction ( I have a few local stein buyers that for whatever reason like to only buy on eBay and pay with paypal then do in person pickup… I just figure it all into my list price and I trust them enough to do it because I see them face to face monthly).