I Just Got A Bargain!

Have you ever had a moment where you see something on eBay thats an absolute bargain, that you have to just snap up impulsively there and then? Well I thought it might be a good idea to create a thread to share those moments with the community! :grin:

Allow me to start things off…

I just brought a brand new Aquapolis sealed theme deck case for only £62! Seller is in Italy, and with me being in the UK, the shipping will also be fast and cheap. A great way to start off my Sunday morning! Hope to hear your stories below!

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nice, a lot of aquapolis stuff comes out of italy

will be posting in the thread once some of my stuff arrives

Any reason for that?

I’m not sure of why, but ive been watching aquapolis stuff for a while, most sales appear to happen with italian sellers

Last year I bought a complete mixed base set (1st, Shadowless, and UNL) for 180.00 cause I noticed the Ninetales was missing the damage. It turned out ALL the errors were in the set (ie: no stage, ghost pika etc) plus the Charizard was Shadowless and got a PSA 10.

That was a sweeeeeeeet find:)


I recently purchased this bad boy, the seller must not have noticed the date at the bottom, got it for $160 AUD

Also picked up a nice crystal lugia, mint for $67

and got 3 1st edition base set charizards in decent condition for $350 each

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Nice pick ups! How are the backs and corners of those 1st ed Charizards? Are they worth grading?

always worth grading unless theyre ruined.

they have some wear

Not necessarily. It depends what you plan on doing with them. If you plan on reselling them then I would have expected that anything less than a PSA 7 or so would mean you’re breaking even at best. Ungraded ones are becoming less common.

I found an Italian seller with an Aquapolis case around this time last year. He was selling boxes for around $420. I thought it was a fair price and only bought a few. I should have bought them all seeing the prices of booster boxes lately.

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Damn! thats a steal, hope you didnt open them all :wink:

I always love finding stuff like this. It has been awhile since I have had any great finds, though.

I still have them. They truly are ‘case-fresh’. They are the best looking boxes I have.

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oh man, envious of you, i never got aquapolis packs in my area as a kid, and the art work is some of the best from the wotc era