I have $800 worth of Gift Cards for Target. What to Buy?

Hello Guys, I have $800 worth of gift cards that I have been gifted awhile back that I never used. (Dont go to target much)

I plan to spend the whole day traveling to at least 8 different targets in my area to Buy some cards/boosters/Cases. Im not buying cards for a quick flip but to hold on to for at least 5+ years minimum as a long term sort of investment. So I want to know what packs/booster boxes/cases should I be looking for?

Im doing this sorta on a whim because Ive had these gift cards for around 5 months now and never used them, and Im doing pretty fine financially (have around $60k in the bank, not a flex just to avoid the comments that i shouldnt be spending all my money blah blah), so I can afford to do some fun stuff.

So yea what should I spend it on?

ebay gift cards

Talking about pokemon cards man. Anyhow you cant use a gift card to buy another gift card lol

Save it for groceries or something else and buy cards off eBay. You can buy better things for 800 such as vintage cards.

If you are looking for investment, I think many will recommend you to go for older stuff, not modern. Use that card to buy your groceries for the coming weeks (or whatever they sell at Target - I am not from the US) and use some of your savings on older products.

Just my 1.5 cents

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Look under the shelves lol

A Nintendo Switch and some games, or wait until the new XBox and Playstation are out. A few Pokemon tins too.

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