How would you sort Japanese Gym sets?

I just finished putting together the Gym Heroes set. I guess my collecting goals would be to complete sets of cards that I had opened packs for when I was a kid. I found I have a bunch of cards from the Japanese Gym sets, Leader’s Stadium and Challenge from the Darkness. Also apparently I opened four packs of English Gym Heroes back then and I completed it from there now and don’t really plan on doing anything for Gym Challenge but who knows.

I was planning on having both the English and Japanese for Gym Heroes in the same binder and also only the Japanese version of Gym Challenge since I didn’t open any of the English for that set. Upon further review, it seems like the cards in Japanese are numbered way differently with cards combined differently.

How would you go about organizing your own binder with the sets?

I use the Pokellector website to track and checklist my cards. Looking at the sets it shows the first card in Leader’s Stadium is Brock’s Zubat but the card is #41. The first card in Challenge from the Darkness is Koga’s Weedle but the card is #13. I know it all comes down to what I would like to have in the binder but wanted to see what other people did for theirs if they collected these sets.

Would you just combine all the cards of both Leader’s Stadium and Challenge from the Darkness and but them in card number order or try and follow the checklist order. Would I be put on some kind of Pokemon watchlist if I just put the Japanese sets in the English order since the on card numbers are all over anyways? Thanks for the input!

I combined the two sets in one binder and organized them by pokedex number.

  1. Type
  2. Rarity (Common, Uncommon, Rare = Holo)
  3. Dex number

Keep in mind that the English versions swapped some cards between both sets

Gym Heroes / Leaders’ Stadium - Bulbapedia

Gym Challenge / Challenge from the Darkness - Bulbapedia

Alternatively, I’d go for:

  1. Gym leaders in badge order
  2. Their Pokémon in dex order
  3. Imakuni’s Doduo & ___'s Chansey
  4. Remaining trainer cards in Bulbapedia’s order

Seeing complete evolution lines is a lot neater


@smpratte @koala I appreciate it! I didn’t even think about Pokedex order and the Gym Leader then their Pokemon order seems really cool!! Thanks a lot!

Right now I’m just sorting the cards out in the checklist order trying to see what I’m missing and then will pick one of yalls orders. Found a few of the holos that my parents would of bought for me back then with prices that I don’t think aged that well hahaha I remember everyone being “whoaaaaaa” when they saw Japanese cards here.

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I could be wrong but I believe the Japanese theme decks had exclusive cards that were included in the English release. Not sure if that matters to you or not.

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Oh great :rofl: :rofl: I have found a couple of the theme decks which I’m guessing is where the No Rarity cards I’ve found are from?

Would this Electabuzz be one of those cards because I’m not seeing it listed in either of the sets but has the Gym symbol. I see on eBay there is a Corocoro one that doesn’t look like this.

I just left my house but I’m almost positive that’s the one. I have all the theme decks so I could snap some photos if you needed them for later reference.