Cards/art in the Japanese Gym Heroes / Gym Challenge Sets

I’m trying to clean up and complete the last of my old sets. I am struggling to figure out what cards were in the Japanese versions of the two Gym sets.
Bulbapedia lists both sets in detail. It describes both English sets as having 132 cards. It lists the Japanese Gym Heroes as having 96 cards and the Japanese Gym Challenge as having 98 cards. It goes on to describe all 132 English language cards and shows artwork for most, but in the English cards, not the Japanese.
I know the situation is complicated by many Japanese cards (or at least variations) offered in the corresponding theme decks. There are also various pre-release and promo cards at least loosely affiliated with each set.
I don’t know if the Gym offerings also had the 9-card folios like late sets (i.e. Neo Genesis), that included alternate art versions which may have ended up in the regular English release.
Does anyone have an authoritative take on what cards were actually in the regular Japanese sets? I know my Japanese sets are missing many alternate art versions of cards (like the dark purple version of Sabrina’s Ghastley in Gym Challenge, or the forest setting version of Brock’s Mankey in Gym Heroes). What I don’t know is whether I should be looking for one to complete the set.

I think what’s listed on Bulbapedia for each of the sets is what you would normally open from a pack, if that’s what you’re looking for. I think some of the alternate arts you mentioned like Sabrina’s Gastly come from theme decks. Brock’s Mankey, Misty’s Tentacool, Lt. Surge’s Jolteon and Erika’s Bulbasaur all of have alternate arts released that were released in CoroCoro magazine. Sorry if I’m reiterating info that you already know but this is what I was able to find.

I also plan on collecting this set in Japanese at some point so it’s good info to know.

Thought I better explain a bit more. In most English sets the theme deck cards tend to be drawn from the set. In Japanese sets many cards in the theme decks are different, even as they apply to the same general set. In completing Japanese sets, is it expected that you only complete the basic cards that came in boosters, or are you expected to also include copies of additional cards or art variations that came in theme decks, pre-release folios, etc.?

You are not expected to do anything, collect however you like! If it were for me I would say I would include the theme deck versions with the set, if you feel even more adventurous you could even include the corocoro promos from the gym sets.

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Oh, I better understand what you were asking now. I think it really depends on how you define your collection. The way I understand it, if you have all the cards from the set itself (what you can open from packs) then you have a completed set. If you have everything you can open from packs as well as any card released that ties in with the set such as promos or theme deck exclusive cards you would consider that a master set.

Yeah, people generally have different ideas of what makes a “master set” though the general consensus is 1 of every official card that came from the set (so if you have 1/102, 2/102, 3/102…102/102 including whatever “secret rares” then that’s a complete set).

If you’re looking for a Master set, create your own qualifiers. Some would include the deck cards, others might avoid it, some might use the deck cards as an addition to a master set since many have a physical difference with the rarity sign removed).