A bit of confusion - Gym Heroes

Hey guys, I’m pretty confused about something.
I was organizing my Gym Heroes cards (Japanese) and it seems I do not have Charity, Erika’s Kindness and Erika.
This is really weird since I have every card at least 3 times, sometimes I have 10 copies of a holo.
These three cards are all rare non-holo, nothing special really.
I am now wondering if these three cards were even released in the Japanese Gym Heroes set.
If not, I have a little problem and I’ll need to start searching through my collection.

Yes they were released in japanese. Here is the set list for both english and japanese. Bulbapedia typically has the japanese and english sets side by side so you can compare.

Yes I looked there to organize my sets and strangely I’m only missing these three cards.
In another set I’m missing one card but that makes sense since I sometimes have 1 of a card in that set.
As for Gym Heroes, I have at least three of each card, so they MUST be somewhere in my house…

Pokémon rarity just doesn’t make sense sometimes!
Now I’ll have to purchase those cards to be able to sell the set, oh well…
Anyone who has the above cards for sale? :stuck_out_tongue: