Is there an official card order for each Japanese set?

Or are we supposed to organize them however we want? I have completed sets from the “base” all the way to Neo 4 and am itemizing my collection/extra cards and want to store them in proper order. However, I can’t find anything at all about actual card orders for each set.

Any advice, or resources, would be greatly appreciated.

This is by set number:

You can organize however you want, for example my base set binder is by Pokédex not by set number.


Oh sweet, thank you! Yeah, I have it organized by Pokédex in my binders and it’s very different from what that site has. I guess I’ll just leave it as is order wise and save myself the headache!

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The Japanese organize their sets by type: grass, fire, water, electric, psychic, fighting, normal, trainer, energy. The secondary and tertiary criteria for order are pokedex number and rarity. This method of organization is much more intuitive and visually appealing than those of other countries, which have set numbers that mix species and types arbitrarily.

There is a reason for the primary organization by type as well; grass is weak against fire, fire is weak against water, and water is weak against electric. Grass, fire, and water are also the basic elements of the starter pokemon of each generation, so it is fitting to begin with those. I am unsure why psychic comes before fighting, as fighting is strong against electric and weak against psychic. Perhaps it is due to the fact that the fighting type includes rock and ground type pokemon, and the psychic type includes poison and ghost type pokemon. Ground is supereffective against poison, and the early ghost type pokemon had a secondary type of poison in the Game Boy games.


There is no simple answer to this , Years ago a UK magazine used to publish lists , and I followed them , (easier with US/UK sets as Numbered ) - but basically Later sets follow the “type” organisation Grass etc etc
I have always followed the “Holos 1st” then then Rare characters unc /com , then trainers /energy at the end - sort of rule !!for the Earlier sets .
It is whatever you feel comfortable with !!!
Pojo has some neat lists for earlier sets to this day !!!

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This is incredibly informative, thank you for this!