How Would YALL Do a Region Specific Set?

Since 151 Has Been Out for a while, im wondering how YALL, would do a region specific set if you had the power to do so. I wanna see yalls ideas for a set like this.


For a Hoenn set I’d do something called Land and Sea or akin to that. It would follow the same numbering scheme of 151 going in dex order and would showcase mons in their native areas of Hoenn Ideally. With ex cards going to the starters, the weather trio, and other popular mons like gardevoir and flygon. ARs are present in the the set as well and regular holos will have cosmos holofoil. Gold Stars would be a fun call back touch, but I think I would opt to evolve the concept and do SAR Shiny exs to fit that role. Specifically of Jirachi and Deoxys(Who were both robbed of gold stars)


The day this set comes out is the day I reach enlightenment


So I’m guessing you mean in the same vein as 151? If so, naturally the next would be Johto.

Features all Pokémon introduced in Gen 2.

Reg holo: Noctowl, Crobat, Togetic, Ampharos, Bellossom, Quagsire, Slowking, Heracross, Steelix, Granbull, Delibird, Porygon2, Blissey, Entei, Suicune

Ex: Meganium, Typhlosion, Feraligatr, Espeon, Politoed, Scizor, Houndoom, Kingdra, Miltank, Raikou, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Celebi

Illustration Rare: Chikorita, Bayleef, Cyndaquil, Quilava, Totodile, Croconaw, Furret, Togepi, Sunflora, Umbreon, Unown, Skarmory, Smeargle

Special Illustration Rare: Meganium, Typhlosion, Feraligatr, Espeon, Ho-Oh

Promo: Politoed Ex (alt reg), Houndoom Ex (alt reg), Lugia (SIR), Celebi (SIR)


I want 251. I would buy tons of it. But I don’t want ONLY Johto pokemon, I want 1-251, but with the focus ultra rare, IR, SIR, hyper rares going to gen 2 stuff.

If they need the 151 tie in, give things like Electabuzz and Magmar either cameos in IRs or full IRs themselves with their baby forms. Of course I would want SIR Lugia, Ho-Oh, and Celebi. I’d do the starters too, but they don’t seem to want to do more than 3 SIR POKEMON in a set for some ungodly reason.


I was just going off the same format as 151, otherwise I’d want them to include the Gen 1 evolution lines that match up with Gen 2 additions (Slowpoke, Oddish, Scyther etc), but not to the point where the set is huge and stuffed with the same species as 151…they’ve had their time to shine.

With the SIR’s I’d imagine they’d go the same way as 151, which featured 5 in the set (Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Alakazam & Zapdos), plus Mew for the UPC in English. For a 251 set, I’d do Lugia as the UPC big hitter and Celebi as a Premium Collection SIR, since they both had recent set “alt arts” in Fusion Strike & Silver Tempest.


I want an ocean set that is as cohesive as EX Sandstorm.


Hear me out
The Return to Holon Era.
Team rocket has returned but this time has taken over the Holon region. The lore is that a corporate spy infiltrated their laboratories and once it was reported back to Giovanni, Team Rocket set their sites on this region merging their science with the Holon area to create new ways to train and strengthen pokemon artificially, even still keeping with the original idea to search for mew. This is why power creep has been happening around the pokemon world. As the area is expanded a bit more to the other islands in the area, there are still some Holon Pokemon that werent seen before like fan favorites that could enjoy a powerup and delta species again (greninja delta, some gen 3 delta starters, etc). The era continues with the outer islands’ (Frontier area) pokemon and normal trainers coming together to rise against team rocket using less power themes and more technical/trap styles to defeat them, this would also push more towards reducing power creep. To close out the era it would again focus on the amazing archipelago style of area these islands can be as we move beyond the Frontier area to the Wilderness area where we see an untouched by humans pokemon world again. Its a chance for the focus to reset themes to overall less powerful and more serene and natural pokemon, many from gen 6 and beyond could start to appear again since by this point it likely would have been a year or two and they could do with some reintroduction.
It can have tie ins with Pokemon Go where holon towers pop up producing Dark Pokemon with special stats and change the themes with each set that comes out.

For the cards, the first couple sets are themed with dark pokemon and trainers that have taken over the main island and facilities, throwing the natural balance out of order in the area.
Next two sets are Frontier Awakened sets when the outer island pokemon and trainers start to fight back as counters to the strength of the dark pokemon. Still using lots of delta species but also legendaries and mid tier popularity pokemon but the stronger ones in that bracket, more tactics based cards and probably some devastating stadiums or field effects to lower the effects of high power/high health cards.
Closing out the era is Mysterious Wilderness sets which is split to be including all major mythicals and top tier power pokemon with also some really low key wilderness and natural themed pokemon. Tangrowth, Zarude, Mamoswine, Groudon, Kyogre, and pretty much anything that could make sense in an untamed natural area. Probably can touch upon shinies again here as another special set but this one can focus on shinies the others couldnt since it wont be bound to exact generations or locations. These sets will lead out into either a new game region or into new themes.


I was thinking of making a similar thread re: Johto. How likely is it to happen?
151 is what got me back into collecting, and I grew up with gen 1 but really invested in gen 2. I replayed silver constantly.
The numbering is the big question, would they start a set at 152 instead of 001?
And if they did set this precedent then it would it pave the way for each gen to get this treatment.

For Johto, so many popular gen 2 characters already have an AR card through current sets (miltank, heracross, sudowoodo, scizor, tyranitar, blissey, celebi, houndour, magby, marril, etc.) which leaves room for others to be chosen like murkrow, elekid, bellossom.


This please, would love it to incorporate the abondoned ship (given how prolific the ocean is in gen 3).


A water-themed Hoenn set called From Lilycove to Slateport, based roughly on that ocean route. All location-based art.


  • Subset of secret rare cosmos trainers illustrated exclusively by Harada with 1:18 pull rates featuring Lilycove City, Sootopolis, Shoal Cave, Mossdeep City, Ever Grande City, Sky Pillar, Pacifidlog Town, route 132 water currents, the Sealed Chamber and Slateport Harbor.

  • Regular cosmos holos: Crobat image, Glalie image, Golem image, Groudon image, Gyarados image, Kyogre image, Metagross image, Pelipper image, Sharpedo image, Tentacruel image and Walrein image

Underwater-themed ex cards with cosmos illustrated by Masago:, 1:12 pull rates:

Armaldo image, Corsola image, Cradily image, Gorebyss image, Huntail image, Lanturn image, Regice image, Regirock image, Registeel image (all Regis in the Sealed Chamber) and Relicanth image

“Super ex” cards with gold borders and cosmos, 1:72 pull rates, again illustrated by Masago:

Rayquaza imagewith Kyogre and Groudon fighting in the background
Wailord image on the open water of route 128 at sunset
Deoxys-Attack image gazing over Hoenn from the top of the Space Shuttle
Wynauts image on Mirage Island


I actually would like some huge sets. I think there are multiple benefits to a set being ~250 cards: 150 base, 100 secret rares.

  • they can increase “pull rates” without crushing the value of all secret rares in the set
  • larger variance makes opening more fun for longer, since people won’t complete the set in 100 packs
  • if they can control themselves on the printers, a larger set would inherently mean fewer copies of the top end rarity cards, which is good for long term collector/investor value


A Gym/Vs set for each region or a special set just with each Champion’s Pokemon would be really iconic.


An urban set would be a pretty unique one to see done.

Think artworks like the OF etb Charmander promo.

All Pokémon living in or interacting with human environments; with a mixture of residential scenes, businesses, sewers, docks, parklands etc.

Could have each Pokémon type share region specific artwork to a different city in the Pokémon world:

Grass: Turffield/Rustboro
Fire: Cinnabar/Ecruteak
Water: Slateport/Mahogany
Electric: Lumiose/Sunnyshore
Psychic: Anistar/Veilstone
Fighting: Cianwood/Medali
Steel: Motostoke/Driftveil
Dark: Lavender/Po Town
Dragon: Blackthorn/Hammerlocke
Normal: Indigo Plateau

Pokémon featured would be species you’d expect in the human world, either as pets, work partners, or just ones able to survive in the wild amongst urban environments.

SIR’s/SR’s would be species that you wouldn’t expect to find (eg Feraligatr lurking in deep sewer tunnels).


So I Think I should actually give MY vision on it. So Here:

  1. Every Mon From That Gen. (Ofc)
  2. Tie In Family Members, Like Pichu, Munchlax, Magmortar
  3. A Trainer For Every Major Character
  4. An Item For Major Items
  5. A Stadium For Major Locations
  6. How I Would Handle Forms Is Kinda Weird. So I Would Include Forms In The Set Of The Base Pokemon, And include the base pokemon in the set of the form. So Alolan Sandslash In My 151 Vers, And Sandslash In My Alolan Set.
  7. Megas and Gigantamax return as new ex vers.
  8. Some Cards For The Fans, Like Maybe A MissingNo. For My version of 151, or Maybe Kotora In 251.
  9. Callbacks to the orig cards! Not Remakes, But Small Callbacks.
  10. Ex Going to fan favorites, and if it goes to one counterpart, it goes to all.
  11. Secret Rares Being Shinies Of Fan Faves, Not Full Arts.

Im Actually Working On Set Lists For My Own 151 Version. Yall Might Get To See At A Later Date



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