Creative Set Ideas - What are your dream unique sets?

I had a fun idea for a set, and I thought it would be fun to have a place where we could all share our fun imaginings that would add new dimensions to the TCGs formula.

My idea is a trainer-only set that takes all the main trainers and gym leaders from the games and anime and reimagines them in the style of baseball cards featuring pitchers but throwing pokeballs. Baseball is incredibly popular in Japan, so I thought this would have a good audience.

The type of card I imagine would look something like this but replacing Ohtani with Ash Ketchum and other Pokemon trainers.

That’s my idea! What are yours?


When I first saw the Christopher Rush drawn Mewtwo, I always thought it would have been cool if WOTC would have done a MTG/Pokemon artist collaboration set back in the day. I really think that could have been interesting just for the artwork alone:

  • One artist sets

  • Entirely location-based sets, both fixed and progressive. Faithful to game doctrine with clear visual markers whenever possible and absolute adherence to any topographical, geographical and faunal concerns

  • Sets based on the movies and in-game legends


id like a team rocket returns returns set and the return of dark pokemon. return return return


i have no clue about sports but whoever throw voltorb as the angry ball is the chase card for me


Vs Series is my closest vision of a perfect set, where several categories of cards are all drawn by the same artist to create a cohesive tour of illustrations.

I tend to really prefer sets with strong feeling, like Rocket/Rocket Returns. I would love to see a return to set themes with central ideas and descriptions that aren’t vague adjective nouns.

Probably if I could ask for anything right now, it’s a set revolving around the teams of key trainers where the set numbering was structured to flatter 9 pocket pages. In the middle would be the trainer in question, along with two Trainer cards. The top row and the bottom row would be a team of six Pokémon.

Every page would be drawn by the same artist.


every pokemon in the background of southern island as card. same artwork, same setting, nothing new. that would be something i would like to have as a set.


Iconic trainers from games with their star Pokémon. Basically trainer galley, but with “normal trainers.” But not ones we’ve already had, like gym leaders/elite four. I mean the Kimono girls with the Eeveelutions. Youngster Joey’s Rattatta. Mindy’s Haunter (with an ability that it can’t evolve). Shuckle dude from Cianwood. Mr. Briney and Peeko. I think that’d be cool.

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@jeverstones Topps Project 70 got semi-close to your idea, although admittedly not as fun!

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For the 30th anniversary, a set compromising:

Every single Pokemon and form in AR/SAR
Every single known Supporter eg. gym leaders, rivals, elite 4, champion, villain team etc.
Every single trainer class from each generation, so things like Hiker should probably have like 5 cards
Every stadium/location of note in every game
(Not required, but if we’re making it playable then most of the in-game items, all balls, key items etc.)

All cards must be FA in nature whatever variations of those exist; AR, SAR, CHR whatever

Would be like a 2,000 card set so it’ll never happen lol.

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A 3rd gen set with focus on the battle frontier that combines some parts of the old ex-style with some stuff for modern collectors.

First of all. We have lots of opportunities for location-based subsets due to the different facilities.

Personal highlight would be the reverse holos as theyd have a battle frontier stamp in the right corner of the artwork and the logo of the frontier as part of the reverse effect (like the pokeball in ex unseen forces).

Additionally 14 trainer holos (two of each frontier brain), 7 SAR Trainer Gallery, 5 ex cards, 3 alternative arts and two gold stars are the chase cards of the set.

Here’s a detailed breakdown:

  • each trainer holo shows the battle frontier brain with the according frontier symbol (like the trainer badge cards from the rayquaza mega battle) . The cosmos holo foil is only used on the frontier symbol and is available in silver / gold. Pull rates should be really low and gold frontier symbols should be especially rare, as it was quite difficult to obtain them in the game.

  • 5 out of the 7 frontier brains had one signature Pokémon which appeared in the silver and gold challenge (e.g. seviper for Lucy), so I’d propose to use them as their trainer gallery Pokémon.
    For Brandon I’d propose to show him with regirock (as it just looks fitting imo) and Noland with a gardevoir (as his challenge is about knowledge).

  • regarding the ex cards:
    Tropius, banette, slaking, swellow and whiskash all in the old ex style

  • alternative arts:
    alt arts showing the three starter + the other two Pokémon of the evolution line, having fun in their natural habitat

  • as gold stars I’d propose Milotic and absol

Last but not least, the main set should include every gen 3 Pokémon, sorted by their Pokédex number.

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I’d love an ‘un-set’ similar to Magic’s unsets where the cards have goofy effects that if legal would make the game unplayable or broken. I imagine a whole set with experimental and goofy artworks (think Ooyama’s Pikachu). It would also be funny if they included some non-pokemon in the un-set like “pikablu” and “missingno” or some alpha-version cut pokemon like “Gorochu”. Something like an alt-art missingno would be my dream card.

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10000%. Having sets with a strong theme is a big deal to me. I also love owner cards so I’d love to see a reimagined gym leader/trainer set like VS or gym challenge/hero’s.


I think what has started with PkMn 151 is my most desired set design for now. A set for each generation of the games, with appropriate trainers, and ONLY the pokemon that were introduced in that gen. Unfortunately for TPCI, but fortunately for collectors, some sets would be kinda small, like < 100 cards, small. Praise the lord.

Inspired by this post and scrolling the persons Instagram.

I would love to see an art competition released as a set. Not a singular winner like previously done. Hobby is big enough now to get plenty of contributions.

A 50 card set that has all been chosen by the Pokémon team (voting would be too rigged and annoying). Mail in submissions, Nintendo pick 50 and they get printed for a set. Box art and pack art and can made from those that didn’t quite make the cut for the 50.