How to use E4?

Hey everyone,

Ive started to collect low pop items and I want to expand my network of people I know in this hobby.

I love talking about this hobby and constantly blab on about it too people who couldn’t care less. I’m craving some deep conversation about this hobby and love expanding my knowledge of the market and the hobby itself.

E4 seems very intimidating. I was wondering if there are any mistakes to avoid or recommendations for a noob like me.

All tips are appreciated thank you very much :blush:


Tbh it’s not hard to fit in here since there’s so many different types of people and collectors. I’d say probably the biggest pet peeve for a lot of people is asking a question that could be easily answered with just a couple minutes of research, such as “I have x common card, what’s it worth?” and other such low effort questions. Just be yourself and you’ll fit in :blush:


Read the rules.

Follow the rules.

Be nice.

That’s about it.


I’m still new myself, but I have found talk about what you like and what the above posts said be yourself and be nice and I am sure you’ll fit right in! I also recommend joining the discord if you want to talk to people at a faster pace than the forum, its a good time :grin:

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@dragonitehoarder, best advice is the quality of work you put in is the quality of work you get out of it. Do research before asking questions, use the search function heavily on efour, and generally read the rules before posting. Any market questions go into the market thread, things like that. I’d heavily emphasize that the more detailed questions you provide, the better answer you can get. Ask something generic like what’s the next best investment and you’ll get a generic answer or no answer at all. Efour has some of the hobby’s biggest and best collectors, the wealth of information about the hobby in here is second to none. Ask quality questions and you’ll get quality answers.

I’d also keep in mind that efour isn’t an investment website or forum. Few, if any, people here are genuinely qualified to give that kind of advice, especially on something like Pokemon cards. It’s a collecting forum filled with collectors. If opinions are all that you want, the market thread is a good place to ask. People’s collections skyrocketing in valuation doesn’t suddenly make them qualified to give out investment advice beyond a basic opinion.


Most of us in here are on IG and or multiple FB groups as well. It’s pretty tight in here. A crap ton of knowledge in here that’s for sure.

If I’m not blabbing on and on in a comment somewhere, Im usually reading a lot of the info being tossed around in here. It can be very educational that’s for sure.

If you have a question and thinks it’s a dumb one, don’t hesitate. Ask away, other people may wanna know and might be too afraid to ask.

As mentioned before. The rules and the sticky threads are your bread and butter here.