How to ship cost efficiently?

I am new to the reselling cards game (and ebay in general), so I based my shipping costs off other auctions I saw. When I got to the post office, each bubble mailer ended up being $3, which is more than I charged and more than pretty much all other similar auctions. Is there a cheaper way to ship singles? I heard bubble mailer was pretty much standard, but the same articles I read that advised bubble mailers said that shipping would cost a good deal less than $3 per. Thanks!

Buy your bubble mailers somewhere like Walmart, that’s what I do. I spent $3.00 for a 10 pack of bubble mailers last week at Ocean State Job Lot which was even cheaper than I usually pay at Walmart.

For non-standard sized mailers I generally reuse mailers or boxes that I receive in the mail rather than go out and buy a fresh box for every purchase, too expensive.

If you buy large envelopes and use recycled cardboard inserts as a splint you will cut costs tremendously from bubble mailer pricing. I also opt for bubble wrap in between the cardboard and the item but this too can often be recycled.

The ultimate cost effective shipping is to simply cut large enough recycled cardboard pieces for your splint to completely clamp around the card making your own envelope essentially. If using this method I’d recommend at least wrapping the item in some kind of paper, bubble wrap, or plastic on the inside of the cardboard.

For these methods tape will be needed so if you buy supplies from a store make sure to price match from online sources if the store will allow you too. Places like Office Depot mark everything way high so you’ll definitely want to utilize their price match system.

I’m sure there are plenty of other ideas out there as well.

I think maybe I phrased it wrong - the bubble mailers themselves were cheap, but the actual shipping cost at the post office was $3. Printing a shipping label from eBay is $2.61. Anyway to make the shipping itself cheaper? Maybe using stamps or something? Post Office said there was no way to ship a bubble mailer for less than $3…

You are being robbed at $3 per bubble mailer. clarification given.

I get these (I go thru anywhere from 25-50 per month so bought a 6 month supply):

Works out to $.08 per mailer.

I see now.

When I sell singles under $15, I do not track. I use one forever stamp, a penny sleeve, and a card saver I semi -rigid top loader, and 3.75 x 6.4 inch security envelope. Works out to about $0.70 worth of supplies per sale so I usually offer free shipping.

Above $15 or if I feel the buyer may try some funny stuff, I’ll track and charge $2.99 (to cover label and supply expenses)

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Is no tracking + non-bubble mailers for less valuable singles accepted practice? If so, sounds like it could save a lot of money and may be what I’m looking for.

Some of you guys are lucky. Where I live pokemon (and ebay) isn’t so popular, so 99% of the cards I sell are being shipped internationally, I ony get about 1-2 domestic sales per month. When I ship one PSA card outside of europe, the cheapest option that includes tracking costs 17.50€ (~21.50 USD), If I want to ship 2 or more psa cards in the same package the price goes up to 22€ (~27 USD).

I only make tracking mandatory on items worth over 100$, but even then it costs freaking 7.20€ to ship ONE psa card outside of europe with STAMPS, which is ridiculous. Oh and I almost forgot to mention, the ceapest option with insurance costs ~50 USD to europe and 88 USD to other countries, so it’s never a valid option.

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Exactly what I’ve done for cheap singles.

Thirded. And if I’ve got the extra time it gets some nice cardboard backing as well!

Not sure you can add cardboard and ship for 45cents non rigid under an ounce hlegally.
Note, he said soft card savers which are different than stiff top loaders.

Oh woops… either way, if I do card savers I do cardboard backing, and if I do toploaders it skmetimes gets one or two pieces. I will make note of this weight restriction.