A Quick Shipping Cost Question

Hi everyone,
So I’ve been sending off toploaded cards in bubble mailers for a pretty long time. Every time I’ve done this, shipping has costed 2.67 plus the cost of the mailer. However, I tried to do this today and the clerk told me she can’t send a flat bubble mailer as a parcel, and that tracking would cost extra. It was going to end up costing like 8 dollars, so I just walked out and did not ship.

This makes no sense, and I told her how I have been doing it for months. She said the other clerk was “doing things wrong,” and that this was the correct way.

How much does your post office charge to ship a toploaded card + bubble mailer? Just trying to figure out what the heck happened today.

Sounds like an uneducated postal employee. First class mail, up to 16oz including tracking. Sounds like they were only giving you the Priority Mail option.

Should just skip all that and print labels through paypal or ebay. Makes life a lot easier.

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So if I go to the post office tomorrow and the employee tells me the same thing, what should I say to her?

Also, if I print the shipping label through ebay, should I just tape that to the bubble mailer I already bought and take that to the post office?

Not sure what to tell you about your particular store. But that employee was wrong, flat out. You can look up First Class mail rules and restrictions if you want. Or have them show you the first class package rules and how your item doesn’t qualify.

As for printing through ebay or paypal it’s pretty simple and you receive (minimally) discounted prices. You can just tape the label to the mailer and toss it in your mailbox or drop it off. Your call.

So just to make sure, once I print the ebay label I can just tape to my mailer and stick in the mailbox?

That’s how I do it, yeah.

Awesome. Thanks so much for the help!

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