Best way to ship cheap cards in Canada?

So I’ve finally gotten around to listing some cards up on ebay and doing a little research on the best way to ship cards with CP (Canada Post) specifically (though if other options are available in London, Ontairio, I’m all ears). From what I’ve found I basically have 2 options:

Lettermail for around $2
Parcel for around $10

I have not been able to find anything in between…

Now, the cards I’m selling are only $10-$30 each, and using a small bubble mailer instead of a normal envelope apparently “upgrades” my mail to a $9-$10 parcel which wouldn’t be worth using for these low value cards. I’ve also read that in some places if CP workers can tell that there’s more than just paper/documents in a stamped envelope, they’ll force you to upgrade to a parcel, send the mail back to the return address, or even make the buyer pay the difference for a parcel upon delivery.

I also see people selling cheap lots that would definitely be too big for lettermail and wonder how they’re able to make any money if the next option is parcel. I’ve gotta be missing something.

So, how do you ship your cheaper cards, fellow Canadians?

I had the same dilemma a few weeks back so I spent a few hours trying to figure out the best solution.
As you say, there’s untracked Lettermail that costs just under $2 or a tracked parcel that will run close to $12. There’s absolutely nothing in between. The parcel option is straightforward but usually just destroys any profit margin for things under $50. section 4 here outlines the types of Lettermail. Non-standard Lettermail is probably what you want. The key parameter is that it must be under 2cm in thickness (I think it’s a limitation on the mail sorting machinery). I’ve sent a couple bubblemailers this way and have had no issue.
I’ve also seen (but not yet tried) this shipping box:’s advertised to be perfect for Non-standard lettermail and it may be worth a look

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Thanks so much for such a detailed quick reply. With what you’ve shared, it does seem like I should be able to use these small bubble mailers for non-standard lettermail. However, I have a couple more questions if you, or even someone else wouldn’t mind.

Can I put stamps on the bubble mailers that are within the dimensions of non-standard lettermail and throw them in the CP mailboxes for pickup, or do I have to take them to a post office?

Also, when I put a toploader in the bubble mailer sideways, it’s a near perfect fit, but with a fair bit of extra room length-wise. If I fold the mailer in half it becomes a true perfect fit and essentially makes it impossible for the toploader to move around at all, but the length of the mailer becomes lower than the minimum requirement of 140mm. Are we just not allowed to ship any items smaller than that? Do I put the folded bubble mailer in a bigger envelope to get around that, or is it just not necessary to fold in half?

Sorry if I’m overthinking all this. I just wanna make sure it’s done right.

You can just stick it in the mailbox. If CP decides there’s an issue they will/should send it back to you. There really shouldn’t be an issue if you stick to their parameters and it sounds like people have better luck with the mailbox rather than trying to convince a potentially stubborn employee at the post office.

Also I’d personally try to find a solution that works within their parameters. Maybe tape the toploader to a piece of cardboard if you are worried about it moving.

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