How to go about liquidating a collection?

Anyone have experience selling large parts of there collection over a short period of time? If so, was it worth it (financially and emotionally). Personally I do not have any plans to sell my collection but was thinking about a strategy in case of an unforeseen emergency in the future.

If you have a lot of graded cards in PSA 8-10 range, I’d say go with PWCC auctions. They can do all the listing and shipping details after your cards sell. It’s a bit of a risk since all they’re auctions start at $0.99 and you never know how well they’ll sell. But it’s easier to use their services rather that list and sell cards one at a time. Any bulk cards can be sold to Troll and Toad.

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You could always do one giant lump auction on eBay, there’s plenty of big buyers on there who’s bid for a sweet enough collection. And if it were me doing so I’d do a reserve on it for the least id be willing to take. Craigslist is also another option, depending on how’s busy your area is it may sell as a Whole quickly. I hope you never have an emergency where you must do so!

For someone like me who collects and also flips/resells many things this is music to my ears. This is where I find my big lot buys and make out really well breaking up and splitting out the collection and adding to my collection while profiting. I buy large collections like this fairly frequently not quite for pennies on the dollar but occasionally at extremely large discounts.

I would not recommend this method to anyone who wants to get the most money out of it. When you start pairing items together you limit the pool of buyers 1- due to the sheer $$$ amount of a large lot and 2- just due to the time constraints of dealing with selling off the extra things that they don’t want. 99 cent auction everything yourself if you have a large enough eBay to do so or send to PWCC if you can wait the couple months that would take to get your payout.

As they say though an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Collect in a way that doesn’t strap you financially and do your best to make sure you don’t end up needing to liquidate fast. Impatience on the selling side and even the buying side of collecting can be very, very expensive.


Ive lost quite a bit of money because I am lazy and sent my cards to PWCC. Honestly, unless they are huge money cards, I wouldn’t recommend them for top dollar, if anything people get cards for steals via PWCC on lower-mid tier cards. This is just in my experience but maybe someone else can attest to this.


PWCC is great if majority of what you own is rare or valuable. Otherwise selling in one go to a business is the easiest method.


Bingo…this is 100% right. Follow it.


Easiest yes by far but expect to get 50% or less than what the collection is “worth”. I say that not because they would pay only 50% of their actual value, but they would be likely to pay 50% or less than what you see cards sell for on eBay best case and individually. Clearly they have to account for risk, overhead, labor, fees and making some profit in there too. This number could vary as you’d get a higher percentage on a small number of high value highly liquid cards compared to hundreds or thousands of lower value less liquid cards.

I’ve had some people approach me on the forum and irl with a collection of PSA cards that they go to or eBay and take the highest sale of the past 6 months on each card and want that price on their 150 individual PSA cards. I see it with steins all the time too. People need to know that isn’t a thing because even the people who sold for those individual prices netted ~ 20% less than the sale price after putting in their time as well. I’m obviously not really addressing you Scott as none of this would be new to you, just using your on topic comment to further explain for anyone reading.


When liquidating a collection the reality is you’re not going to get top dollar, the faster you want them gone the less money you’re going to get

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There’s a few steps to liquidating collections imo. A little bit of work goes a long way but you hit diminishing returns on your time.

Throw up the most liquid cards in their own sales post, your 1st ed. Zards or equivalent.

Throw up photos of the rest in online marketplaces. See what sells after a few days.

Unless something is that top tier of collectibility and you still have it sell the rest to a vendor, store, dump on PWCC.

It’s not worth your time to chase pennies on the dollar but don’t lose out on what you can make from desirable cards.

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As someone who was looking into doing some of this a few weeks ago, sell them individually. I talked with a few of the big online companies and not only did they really cherry pick the top $ cards, they offered basically 1/4th of the going rate and some laughable offers on boxes. So sell them individually or find someone willing to buy them ALL at 60-75% of the value imo.


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