Considering selling my collection.

Prices have gotten so out of hand that I’m considering selling off my collection to build a cabin on a plot of land that I own. I know that there are some big time sellers on this site. What would you all consider the easiest, cheapest, and safest route?




Contact TCA Gaming as he buys collections all the time. You can also try contacting dacardworld, gradedpower and troll & toad.

Sadly I do not think you would get the full value of your collection, but that’s how you can get rid of your collection quickly in one go.

@whiterabbit,I would recommend contacting a big time buyer and they would make it quick and painless. I have had good communication with some of those mentioned above.


I’m sure you know multiple people to message on here if you’re looking to sell your entire collection at an under market price. Are you in a big rush to sell? You can always just piece it out and let it sit on eBay for a little bit and see what happens. Iv been surprised at some of the prices my stuff has been going for and I sell very little

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Legendary idea, be blessed in this excellent endeavor!


Great idea, your collection has served a good cause, I hope everything goes smoothly for this huge transaction!

P.S. If you have anything in my buy list, I’d definitely be interested, lol.

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If you are not in a rush you could just try selling each individual card for its market value which will get you full value but will take some time finding the right buyers. It also really depends on your collection in general but yeah if you are looking to dump your entire collection at once like mentioned above you probably wont get the full value.

Sent a pm I might buy a few cards or a lot of them depending what you have. Not the whole collection most likely but some. Let me know :slight_smile:

If you’d like to sell today, be prepared to show a detailed inventory sheet along with the lowest dollar amount you’d accept. Then just send that info privately to all of us and take the first ones money;)


It sucks when it’s time to sell but I’ve had some luck replying to people here in this situation and buying the ones I need. Thanks for making the post. Hopefully I grab some from you :slight_smile:

post a list of what you have and let the PM feeding frenzy begin!


Thanks, Gary I’m putting together a list right now.

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I won’t post it here. I’m a rule follower :wink:

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I started to check your old threads to get a idea of what you had and my god do you have some great stories and pick ups :slight_smile: you seem like quite the lucky guy

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Best wishes if you decide to sell


Businesses are always buying collections. Typically around 60% market. I did a video on how to sell your collection.


It’s incredible what this forum has to offer in terms of information but also with connections. Biggest people in the hobby at your fingertips if you ever need/want to sell of your inventory below market. Goodluck!!

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Since you collect PSA-graded cards, you could use the slabs as bricks for your cabin. Not so sure about easy or safe, but it’s certainly cheap. :stuck_out_tongue: