How to get dirt off my Poke Dude?

Hey Guys

I have some sticky dirt on my Poke Dude card.
What’s the best way to clean it off without damaging it? I never dared to touch a card, but for this one it would be nice to get the obvious dirt off of it. Especially since I am thinking about getting it graded.

Sorry for the shameless self-promotion, but I did a video on how to lightly clean dirt like this off of cards:


120 grit sandpaper.


Thanks for that. The damage on the back came off quite easily. But the one on the front is a tough one. I am not sure if it’s just a dent will ball pen ink in it? Hard to determine. What do you guys think?

Given the distortion on the voxels around it this looks like an embedded piece of dirt.

For a card of this value I recommend you get a 10 buck jewelers loupe and examine it, and then determine whether fine tweezers or cleaning is needed to avoid damaging rhe card.

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That is rare dirt from a historical Pokemon event in Japan. You should be honored by it’s presence on your Poke Dude.


So I got one, but It’s still really hard to tell what it is. Any Ideas?

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Without a 30X greater magnification it’s going to be hard to tell - but from a certain point it doesn’t matter. if you’ve gently tried rubbing it with distilled water and rubbed it with a glass cleaning cloth, and it’s not coming off it is probably embedded in the surface of the care. you may damage it with more efforts to remove it. If you can’t get it out i’d recommend trying another day after you’ve done more research or are willing to risk it.

This is the 30x magnifier.
Maybe I used it wrong?

Thanks for the a advice:)

You could try a Mr.Clean Magic Eraser?

If you try anything involving water, keep the water away from the edge of the card

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++ be careful

I wet my finger and tried to scrape something like this off once, and the card fkin INFLATED with the water

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I’ve found that there are some specks that are impossible to clean off of cards without damaging it in some way. This may be one of those specks.

paper towel + water