how much would a BSG 10 (BL) 1st ed base complete set worth?

hypothetically speaking (or does one will/ever exist?), how much would one full complete 1st ed shadowless base set (each one is BSG 10, black label) be worth?

recently, BSG 10 (non-BL) zard was sold for 55k but that was without black label. Imagine a BSG 10 BL zard?
what do you think? guess the prices.

That would go into the category of its worth whichever bidder is willing to spend the most. Black labels are scarce enough as it is and that BGS 10 zard is already one of a kind and the highest BGS grade in existence so if there was one at a black label above that I doubt that it would go for much more. But if you have 2 people with a TON of disposable income than it just depends on how the bid war goes. 100k? 500k? Hard to say. What is almost certain though is that the seller would not get as much as what they put into creating that set with time and money.

I don’t know, how much is the US Constitution worth? That would actually be more easily quantifiable because it’s real.

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Depends on where Pokemon is because at those levels you’ll probably be looking for for UHNWI/institutional type demand in order to properly price it.

I think today, Pokemon is still at the early innings and it’d be difficult to get a fair price for it. I suspect you’ll get 300k-500k. But when Pokemon becomes accepted like rare stamps / paintings etc, 1mm should be pretty easy to hit.

Alternatively, you just need to lure two tech billionaires (assume they grew up with pokemon) into a bidding war with each other for their trophy museums (:

has anyone ever asked Zuckerberg? He would’ve been in high school when Pokémon arrived on US soil. Wasn’t Z a fan of Pokémon Go?

That’s just not ever gonna happen, not for BGS 10 set let alone black label.

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Who would be the first neighbor of the first person to live on the moon?


It doesn’t exist because most Pokemon cards are going to PSA rather than BGS. But if only there were known sales of BGS10BL holo, rares and c/uc’s you can start the guessing game. But I guess, you gonna drop well over half a million just to get a BGS10 set. I won’t be super amazed if a BGS10 Weedle will fetch a few grand.

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1 million?


This item would be so rare and so desirable that it’s true value will never be realized because people just don’t have that kind of money. The sale price will be limited by how deep the most expensive collector’s pockets can go.

In 40 years something like this could sell for what we see paintings sell for now.

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Yeah, I don’t think people (even myself included) will be happy/comfortable to crack perfect PSA 10 cases (forget about crappy PSA 10 ones…) and send them to BGS.

Also, 90% (or whatever %) of the whole pokemon cards in existence are already graded w/ PSA. Many satisfactions ensured, so the crossover is probably inconvenient.

Though I’d bet that if EVERYBODY crack perfect PSA 10 cases and send them to BGS. You may see more and more nice BGS 10 cards. One guy of the Zard 100s pop may get ultra lucky and win the lottery.

If only BSG was the standard back then and people followed suit…

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But let’s face it, all top end cards that can hit BGS10 are already graded a PSA10, nobody gonna crack those in risk of losing a grade and thus lowering value. Just finding 1 Water Energy First Edition BGS10BL will set you back a few grand if it ever comes to market and you really want it. There is just no supply and you can only estimate it based on other 10BL’s, which are also non existent. Unless top end collectors go crack their 1st Edition cases and send them en masse to BGS we can see prices developing.

Of course, the half a million I dropped earlier is a total low estimate on a insane guessing game.