How hard is it to obtain a PSA 1 Card?

I’m trying to obtain the lowest PSA grade ever for a 1st edition base set charizard. Lowest grade I seen is a PSA 2. How hard is it to obtain a gradable 1.

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and no @funmonkey54 , I’m not trolling. We had this conversation before.

My only question is… why? I think you can get a PSA 1 card only if the card is very, very damaged and maybe that has made ​​a ride in the washing machine! lol
I don’t know if PSA can grade cards terribly damaged…

Pure, unadulterated novelty.

I see the novelty value, could be fun. Might sell higher than PSA 6 because of it.

It would actually be kind of cool to have a complete set of PSA graded 1st Ed. Base Set Charizard cards (PSA Graded 1-10)

Yeah… I want to know the line between ungradable and PSA 1.

Don’t forget the Authenticated one as well.

Haha this is a hilarious idea but nonetheless I want to see this PSA 1 card if you get one haha.

I saw it in the POP report

Actually, just about any of Elam’s cards would probably get a PSA 1…hihi!

In truth, it’s easier to get a 1 than it is to get a 10. Any card with a couple small pieces missing should earn a PSA 1. Large pieces missing may not accomplish a grade and any intact card should get a 1.5 or higher.


Can you just ask them to grade a 3 or 4 as a PSA 1?

You could just fire blast the card. That is what Charizard would want.


If you do that, then the card would be upgradeable!

Fine just a little ember. You have to get that hp down to the last grain of rice, similar to when you want to get a legendary bird with an ultra ball.