Best way to get PSA 1-4 of a specific card

Hey guys so Im trying to get a Base Blastoise in PSA 1-10. Already have 5-9 and i was wondering if you guys have any tips for me how i could get 1-4.
Sending light played cards for grading seems totally luck based since i might send 10 blastoises and still dont get the specific grades i want since 2-4 are pretty hard to estimate i guess.

Either pay for them as you find them graded or gamble with a bunch of played ones grading them. 1 is easier than the rest I think as any blastoise with a couple bad folds would get a 1 no doubt. 2,3,4 are just guesswork. Check out the 1-10 charizard collection @xgav1337x has and maybe you can get some clues. I think he had it a bit easier as charizard are graded much more often and I think he bought several of them.

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Thanks for your answers guys. Considering the low Pop of PSA 2-4 I guess its close to impossible to buy them all. Guess I will have to bet and hope for the Best. Too bad its gonna be very hard selling duplicate 2s and the likes ^^

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Haha. That looks like a fun challenge. Good luck to you!

You could always declare maximum grade when submitting it. If it doesn’t get the 4 max grade, it will be sent back ungraded. Then you could damage it a bit more, and send in again. Repeat until it gets the 4.

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Not a bad idea at all. I will consider it when I send them next year !