How exactly were Fan Club Cards distributed?

Today, a purchase from last week of mine came in.

Straight to the point, It was a Fan Club Magikarp.

It came in this huge, Heavy acryilic case! I’ve noticed from time to time that other collectors have had theres in a similiar case.

Was this how the cards given out? Or what?

I’m pretty sure they weren’t sealed…

Omg I am so jealous dude, that is literally my most wanted card right now.

But I believe that were mailed to whoever earned (redeemed maybe?) Enough points to get the card. I remember seeing an auction a long long time ago for the fan club eevee where it said it came with the original envelope.

I’m not sure if you got the card for just accumulating enough points, or redeeming points for the card you wanted and then had to earn another however many points to get another card. Like idk if you got 700 points and then you could get eevee, magikarp and portion, or if like you had 700 points, spent 600 on magikarp, and then it knocked you back down to 100 points. That’s my guess but I’m curious also, the fan club cards are some of my favorite. I can’t wait to get my hands on a magikarp of my own. Congrats on that lol.

I got a porygon that was in the same kinda case and the person I bought it from said it was sealed so I assume that is how they came.

I highly doubt these were given in cases as only the tournament trophy cards were given out like that. Im pretty sure these were just mailed out in envelopes rather than in cases.