How does one send Topps Jumbos into PSA for grading?

Couldn’t find this in a search but apologies if I missed it mods… I’m trying to confirm how I should send Topps or other jumbo cards into PSA given their size versus standard card savers. Do I need to buy special larger size card savers or otherwise? Thanks in advance!

I sent in the old style bigger jumbos years ago and just used the closest sized soft sleeve and top loader that fit them. Same would work for these. If they made a semi rigid that big that’d be nice but I’m not sure they do. I actually have a small stack of these I thought about sending some day. You need to measure then and figure out which service to submit under as well. E series box toppers to my surprise when I sent out in 2020 I was able to send under the same service as a regular card and paid $7.5 each due to their dimensions. Jumbos at the time (new and old style) afaik were like $50+ at that time and I think currently might still be $150+ only.