How do I grade Jumbo cards with psa?

I’m having trouble finding the cost per card and what kind of sleeves to put the jumbo cards in. any advice?

Has anyone ever graded some of these jumbo cards that can walk me through the process?

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I use an 8x10 ultra pro sleeve and an 11x14 ultra pro hard case.

If you go through the submission types, one of them states jumbo in the description. It’s like $18 (soon to be $20) per card. Tall boys would be the WOTC box toppers. These are between Jumbo and regular cards. Tall boys can be submitted with regular cards. This was changed a few months ago.

Jumbo cards would be those in the premium collections, etc.

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I’ve graded multiple full sized Jumbos on a couple different submission.

(On a separate note, my ability to pre-grade these is pretty awesome lol)

The method I use is 6x9” toploader with matching sleeves. You can find both of these on eBay, make sure you search for the sleeves that fit a 6x9” toploader.

To package them, I put a post it note on the top of the sleeve and fold it over the top to act as a pull tab. The thickness of the card itself will hold itself in the toploader, just wrap it/them lightly with bubble wrap once in a stack.

As for box toppers, I imagine that postcard sized toploaders and sleeves will work perfectly.

I’ve got a few people wanting to grade some through me and that’s the method I’ll be using once I find a deal on eBay that doesn’t slaughter me with postage to Australia lol

As for costs, what @gemmintpokemon has said is correct =)

If you need further help, let me know. Pics for fun;


Has anyone graded the jumbo base pikachu? I was looking for it in the pop report but couldn’t find it.

Wow I love these, and wow do people want a lot for the ones that are graded on ebay.

The quality on the Charizard jumbos has always been poor imo. Most I’ve seen have a decent bit of edgewear out of the package. I would say jumbos are graded more leniently than regular sized cards. With that being said, most jumbo zards get 9s at best. On the other hand, I opened a few cases of Mega Powers and the Mega Lucarios came out perfectly.

Those ones are severely overpriced.

I’ve sold quite a few 10’s in the $100-150AU range which I think it fair. I can’t stress how hard these are to grade because of how they package them. The amount I’ve simply thrown out is in the hundreds.

I haven’t send any Jumbo cards in for grading, but as for your question about the sleeves, I store mine in 6x9 Ultra Pro Toploaders and 6x9 BCW Photograph Sleeves. Here are some pictures of how they look combined, after @skinst recommended them to me last year.


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wow, so many helpful responses. Thank you guys!

Sorry to double post but another question.

Anything to look out for in terms of condition? are there any commmon imperfections or damage with these jumbo cards? It seems like the sheer increase in surface area will make these especially challenging to grade.

How critical is psa when it comes to these jumbo cards?

PSA is just as critical on these cards are they are any other card they grade.

It wouldn’t make sense to grade them any more lenient than a regular card.

Jumbos suffer hugely from indenting from how they are placed in their packaging. They also suffer from edgewear from packaging and from trying to get them out.

Personally I find them less susceptible to scratching on the Holo despite the huge surface areas. They are very hard to get 10’s on, but you can get them if you get enough copies of them. Good luck! :wink:

If you can’t find pop reports on the original Jumbo Charizard or Pikachu cards, it may be because they were both Japanese issue from Coro-Coro magazine, even though they were English versions. Check Japanese promos from ~ 1998.