How do you package single cards?

Just an envelope containing the card in a toploader? Or a envelope with bubblewrap? Do you tap the toploader shut? Do you tape the toploader to a bit of cardboard?

Personally I put the card in a sleeve, put the sleeved card upside down in the toploader, and put that in an envelop (or bubble-wrap envelop if the buyer prefers that at a €0.50 additional costs).

I usually also include a free additional card in the same toploader (but not the same sleeve), and when the buyer bought multiple cards I tape multiple toploaders together (and usually also tape the toploaders shut with a single piece of tape simultaneously).

But that’s just how I do it. I do know you should be careful when using tape so you don’t accidentally tape the cards (especially if the card can shift in the package). (Forgot who to tag for tape-related package accidents here on the forum :laughing: ).




Get him Gary! Go Gary!


Ultra Pro Semi-Rigid, taped with as little tape as possible to inside of post card (like birthday card) and seal of the 3 sides of the post card with as little tape as possible to prevent any movement.

Can’t shift, can’t bend, can’t damage.

If you go toploader route. Use clean toploaders, and sleeve them as Quuandor said; card upsidedown in sleeve, sleeve rightsideup in toploader. So if it slides out, the card still protected by the sleeve.

Best and cheapest way is to use a standard envelope, standard 3rd class stamp, get some cardboard from a cereal box or Tesco. Then tape the top and bottom of the card to the cardboard.Please note, only…ONLY tape the top and bottom of the card. You can double up the cardboard by getting a few pieces and stapling together for extra rigidity and safety. Once your card is securely sealed in the envelop, go to your local post office or mailing centre and go in, be incredibly rude to the person behind the counter…stick lots of do not bend all over the envelope and then thrust at the attendant.Tell then dont bend it yea?!! look after my letter idiot.

Then go home, feeling happy and content that your card will get to the intended person on time, no issue.Positive feedback in 2-3 weeks and all is gravy baby!!

Id like to thank, and quick shoutout to @garyis2000 aka cellotapeandstaplecards4lyf on twitter and insta for his amazing tips, briefly mentioned above.

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Cardsaver 1s with the cards sleeved, they are rigid enough to protect, and bendy enough to go through the postage system without blocking or attracting extra postage costs.Also i would put please do not bend on the letter…there really are all kinds of ways and variables ha.

Depending on the value of the single, recorded and signed for deliverly, plus properly packaged for more valuable cards…put in a small mailer box with bubble wrap(works great for psa graded)

Main questions…value of card/s, how many? how much was paid for postage…does it need signature for proof of delivery, domestic or international postage?. PSA graded card or non graded.

It sounds like you sold a card on ebay for say a few bucks and want the safest cheapest way to post without tracking or signature? best way tbh is probably the first sentence of this post, or mix and match the replies to your thread :blush:

Put the card upside down in a sleeve, put the sleeved card upside down in the toploader, put the toploader in a teambag, put the teambag in a bubblewrapped envelope :blush:

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What is a teambag? I’ve never heard of that before. Google doesn’t spit out anything useful either. o:

great for packing multiple cards , lots, bundlesand keeping items secure when posting

You can also use small ziplock bags and tape them shut on the top of the toploader. Especially for bulk users (company I worked for we used 600 of them a day for product sampling) and had the exact same size as a toploader, with enough space to fold the ziplock to the back and tape it shut.

But the trick is; to ship as strong as possible without adding to much weight to the card. Because weight=postal fees. And either you scare buyers off, or cut heavy into your margins.

I’m using the teambags to prevent from having to use any tape on my toploaders, everyone hates tape. I’m pretty sure they weigh like zero anyway, they’re very thin.

Tape adds weight. Ofc, 1cm2 of tape is enough to lock it down in place. As a ‘not specialty item’ replacement the ziplock is ok.

CC@ never Never NEVER use tape inside a package. All the goofballs above that recommended using tape should be tarred and feathered for suggesting such a rookie method. DON’T LISTEN TO THEM.

If you have Team bags to seal them then using toploaders is okay. If you don’t have team bags (or at least Saran Wrap) THEN DONT USE TOP LOADERS.

As suggested above by an experienced collector, use a soft sleeve in a card saver 1. Secure it inside the center of the envelope WITHOUT TAPE. It’s all you need and your traders/buyers will love you for it as will the cards you’re trying to protect,


I don’t have card savers, but I’ll go the Sleeve into toploader wrapped with saran wrap route, thanks!

This is exactly how I ship, minus the upside down part.

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That’ll work:)

Running into a small problem with the toploaders…the card is not firmly in there, even with sleeves. I have to stuff the loader with some miscellaneous cards so they don’t bounce around inside them. :confused: Any solutions?

That shouldn’t happen… At least it doesn’t with mine unless I shake them around like a madman.

What toploaders are you using? I got Ultra Pro 3" x 4" Thick Toploaders.