HOT TOYS, Kotobukiya, Figuarts High End Figures

Hello everyone! Just wanted to see if any other member on the site had any cool figures similar to these ones!

The following is a Hot Toys Man Of Steel. Hot Toys manufactures highly detailed collectible merchandise! I am more of a Superman fan than a Batman fan! To this day none of my friends or any people I work with like Superman more than Batman.

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Never heard of them. But damn that is some sweet detail!

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Check them out buddy! they make really good Figures, a bit expensive though this Man Of Steel figure goes for around $200.00 Retail. They usually do Comic Movies and other Action Movies. This one in Particular looks freakishly like the actor who playe Superman, Henry Cavill.

Awesome stuff. I actually have quite a few of the P.O.P. One piece figures, S.H figurarts Dragonball z, and Marvel figures.

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Thats awesome man! You Should post some on here!!

I will soon. I dont have a phone :slightly_frowning_face:. My screen on my galaxy s4 broke. Took it get repaired for $150 and within a week the glass
on the screen broek in the exact same pattern. Had like that for months. The screen crapped out last week. $750 total on that damn phone. Tax write off though!

I’ll be doing a big collection update this month. The POP figures are amazing. Do you watch/read one piece?

Sorry to hear about your phone! I used to a long time ago, I only got up to the Sir Crocodile Arc. I believe i actually started reading the Bleach Manga. How about you? sounds like your a huge One Piece fan!! I have definitely seen the POP One Piece figures, they look Phenomenal, I have nearly bought some on several occasions but decided to save the money for Pokemon.

This is a Marvel Kotobukiya Black Widow Figure


I haven’t bought a figurine in about 10 years, but I have this on pre-order.


that looks good man, Is she a character from an anime?

Rise Kujikawa from the game Persona 4.

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Charizard Figuarts Figure!

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Venusaur Figuarts Figure

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Those figures look really good! I have a few tommy figures myself. I really like that Heracross and Noctowl!

This is my favourite Pokemon figure so far! Reshiram just looks so good in this pose!

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