Holo Trainers

I really like the Look of these Modern Holo Trainers.They remind me of the WOTC era ones.

Not really fond of the reverse holo/full art type. Are there any more in the BW/XY blocks? Thanks!


Pretty sure the wally is from generations and the other two are promotional prints with alternate art hence the a after their set number.

I didn’t ask what set they’re from lol
I was asking if there’s any more, those are the 3 I have so far.

Just wondering if BW XY had any more.

Blacksmith and Fiery Torch from Flashfire have holo versions that came with the pyroar box I think.


Thank you so much, you’re the best!!

Also remember Ghetsis from Plasma Freeze, the first actual holo rare Supporter in a set since WotC I believe.


Thank you so much!!

I stopped collecting between Team Rocket and Steam Siege, so I missed a lot of cards.

Also Pokemon just announced two more: www.pokebeach.com/2017/07/landorus-vs-genesect-battle-arena-decks-product-image

Professors Letter and Delinquent.