Hillarious pricing video

I found this video on facebook and immediately cringed hard and thought I had to post it here. Please enjoy! :wink:


Knew what this was going to be even before I opened it haha

Edit: if only it was true… most of efour could retire lol

I was waiting for the Krabby error to be in there and I was not disappointed. The best part is that the card shown is not even the error version lol.

Brace yourselves for a bunch of stupid listings on ebay.


Not sure if the “Bill” ebay listings were cancer before the video but they certainly are now:

With over 1.8 million subs, that 1 min video will reach a loooooot of viewers. #fakenews

If you really want to cringe…watch this video. 2:08…i shuddered…

Though all 3 parts make me want to cry a little inside

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SO ROUGH :thinking:

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The thread reminded me of this…I had forgotten about it…well chose to forget aha!
I havent watched all 3 parts through I got like 3mins into each then had to turn it off

Where did the Bill card being worth that much originate from? And who in the right mind ever thought it was worth that much?


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Wow, this is a real opportunity to disrupt the market! I’m gonna offload all of my Bills for a Cyber Monday special of $99.99

Here’s another for the cringelords out there.

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Wow I got that Bill, and actually lots of them! ANyone want to buy? My price is only $400 :wink:

WT F…udge :thinking: